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As the title suggests, let me know your favorite characters from PC's to NPC's you or your GM created and why. What makes them resonate with you? What was so special about them that made them stand out?
Have you ever left your usual playstyle and found you enjoy the other style too or perhaps you like it even more?

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In AD&D, I started playing only Fighters or Fighter/Rogue MCs, because: components.

Then in college, we had two campaigns that ran Every. Single. Weekend. In one of them we could only get reincarnation, no resurrection, and so began a series of humanoid multiclassing a level of two of something, then getting reincarnated again. This character included some Dragon classes, too, and finally became a vampire NPC. I had levels in Fighter, Ranger, Monk, Rogue, Assassin, Cleric, Bounty Hunter, Jester, and others, and half a dozen racial languages.

Good times.


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One of my favorite characters back in the day of 2e was a Dwarven Specialty Priest of Vergadain. He was CN and so... much... fun.

I have had a great time in the Curse of Strahd playing a Great Old One Warlock with multiple personalities. He has three personalities and I sequester his abilities among the them. One personality commands his fighting prowess, while another the spells, and the final personality is very charismatic and social. I have a strict protocol for which personality is active, and we just have to hope we have the right personality for the current situation--often that is not the case. On top of all that, two of the personalities are looking for eachother and are always pestering the other party members about it.

"If you see Malocchio, telling him he's going to get it when I catch up with the rascal."

One my favorites is a Pathfinder society character. He is a halfling blink wizard named Mr. Emmerybird, who is obsessed with frogs and enjoys using his first level wand of vanish to pop around the battlefield randomly. He usually summons lots of giant toads onto the battlefield, and dreams of someday summoning the froghemoth.

Here's been a lot of fun over the years.

I like challenges and again for Pathfinder society I built a fighter on a wizard chassis. It has been a challenge, but I've managed to keep him on par with a weak fighter for his level using feats, boons, and magic items.


My oldest (and highest level) PC is a human fighter, Murdock. Made him in the early 80s, and didn’t have the CHA to be a paladin although that’s what I wanted to play him as. So he was a fighter who for all intents and purposed role playing wise was a paladin. Same virtues, knightly goodness, etc.

Another favorite was also from 1e: Shade Styx, a halfling f/t that I converted over to a straight fighter in 5e with the urchin background and skulker feat. Played the same way without needing to multi class.

And my third favorite was Norlay Nguyen. A human ninja. I was a teen, and it was the 80s. Sort of implied I loved ninjas 😂. He too I converted into a shadow monk in 5e.

Honorable mention goes to Justicar, a paladin using the 2e players options. Couldn’t wear armor, but had a D12 for a hit die which fit perfectly for his ethos: enlightenment though suffering. Took more hits, but could absorb more damage.


41st lv DM
My favorite (among favorites of all editions including PF) is my 5e 1/2ling Warlock, Bree Burrfoot.:
Screenshot (1).png

She's an almost 11 yr old Lightfoot 1/2ling FM. 9th lv Fey Patron, Pact of the Chain, Warlock with a Psuedo-dragon familiar. She's LG (although played a bit on the chaotic side as most children are).
Speech wise she can nearly rival a Krynn Gnome for the length & detail of a run on sentence in one breath. Especially when excited. Wich is often.
(on this she's modeled after my buddies daughter at that age. She'd dash up to you & you'd marvel at how many words could come out of such a tiny being in one breath)
She is played as a genuinely GOOD person without a mean or viscous bone in her body. She's super friendly, optimistic, fearless (although 9 lvs of adventuring has taught her some degree of caution), creative, & endlessly, detrimentally, curious. Views everyday as an awesome adventure (no matter how horrible the current situation) She's also fascinated by magic & is constantly viewing the world through Detect Magic.

Stat/mechanical wise? She's 100% optimized to best represent the character I'm envisioning.
A lot of time, effort, & consideration went into picking every cantrip, spell, invocation, class feature, skill, feat, race feature, & personality trait.
Wich means she's not at all what most of you would build a Warlock as. :)
She's a utility Warlock. A problem solver, the moral center of parties she's in, an instigator, & the comic relief.
She is NOT a viable combatant. Her only "attack magic" is Magic Stone/Shileliegh. And to date (not counting monsters) she's only, & accidently, killed 1 person - he was covered in white paint & crawled out of a loose packed grave. So she crit-whacked him in the head with a shileliegh. Hey, if you imitate a zombie....

She started out as a throw away NPC quest giver in my 1st 5e campaign. I made her a 3rd lv, Fey patron, chainpact Warlock with a psuedo-dragon familiar.
She was 9 years old, almost 10. Her patron, an elderly pseudo-dragon she'd befriended (whom her familiar is based on) had only taught her utility magic at that point. (and to date he still refuses to teach a child anything more dangerous than Magic Stone/Shilleliegh). Bree will never learn Eldritch Blast.
Wich is why she needed the PCs help. She couldn't fight satyrs! But she also wasn't going to be left behind!

  • So the party helped her on her quest to rescue her older sister, unfortunately things went sideways thanks to activating a combo magic item the party had gained via random rolls on a 1e chart (cause my games are full of chaos). They rolled both a Cubic Gate & a Wel of Many Worlds! I simply combined them into 1 item that was best described as a scrambled Rubics Cube....
  • This dumped the PCs the two 1/2ling sisters & several other hostages onto a jungle island - where about a month of running from dinos, carnivorous plants, & cannibals took its toll. In the end only 2 PCs & the two 1/2lings finally escaped on a passing merchant ship.
  • This ship in turn was attacked by pirates off the coast of what was later learned to have been Chult. During the attack, as the pirates boarded the boat & all manner of crazy ensuing, her older sister activated that magic item again - tearing the aft off of the merchant vessel & scattering everyone in range across planes(?).
  • A week later I needed a character really quick for a Curse of Strahd campaign. All I had handy in the folder was Bree. So I dropped her to lv1 & she began exploring Barovia.... and as a happy coincidence one of the other guys rolled up a fighter with the Pirate background.
Eventually Bree escaped Barovia (with the SunSword hilt) by diving into a Bag of Holding & rupturing it from within trying to flee a vampire (not Strahd).
This really only worked because the campaign collapsed with a mostly TPK & most voted to play something else. 3 dead, one fleeing into the woods alone at night pursued, & Bree getting creative in avoiding the last vampire. Dm rolled a die. Low she'd be spat out somewhere in Barovia, High she'd be spat out.... Not in Barovia. Hey, anywhere's better than where she was at that moment. He rolled high.
  • I then went onto briefly play her in several PbP games & then statted as a Summoner in a short lived PF campaign.
  • She then made a cameo in the final scenes of our 5e Desert of Desolation campaign, was reunited with her sister who'd by now become a 5e Barbarian, & they were returned home by Martek.
  • Her most recent sighting has been at the start of our current 5e campaign. She's back home where she started, acting as an NPC quest giver. This time entrusting the SunSword hilt to the adventures with instructions that they've got to return it to Barovia, or at least to the Vistani troupe who recently passed though the area (gives directions to find them).
She would go herself, but she's actually got something even more pressing to deal with now that she (and her sister) are home. That & she's grounded (probably for life) for running off on a year long adventure. She might be 10, almost 11, & 9th lv(!) - but she still answers to DAD.

But rest assured, Bree Burrfoot will return.


I fondly remember some of the 2e characters that broke the rules somehow. Not sure if this is because I remember with teenager eyes or a bit of powergamer eyes. One was a halfling thief with a wish that allowed him to cast magic user spells as a 5th level mage. Another was a dwarf fighter that had a dragon slaying sword.

Some of the newer editions have had several PCs that I like, but not remember fondly. I think 5e allows me to give each PC more of a personality with the bonds and flaws section, but the older PCs had some of this.

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