Favorite D&D Retroclone?


I have to say C&C & Basic Fantasy RPG are my favorite but damn Scruffy I do love those PDFs, especially now w/book jacket covers! I'll need to replace the old ones. :)

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Thanks! When I get home from vacation I have to finish proofreading the DMG and then correct any errors I find. Reading through the DMG allowed me to find a few errors in the PHB as well.

It's amazing how much has changed in the world of the OSR since this thread was started. There are no longer any "out of print" editions of D&D, a very wise move by WotC, which only solidified their market share after crushing it with 5e.

While I LOVE Labyrinth Lord, I usually run either B/X or the RC for older style play. Perhaps the most intriguing retro clone that I've come across recently, however, is Untold Adventures. It's a simplified version of 0e D&D. That's right, even more simplified! It has a few very elegant systems in place which are very cool. I could see running a great swords & sorcery game using UA.

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