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Feats for Fire Creatures?


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We're starting a new game, and one of my players is wanting to play a barbarian which comes from a tribe that worships fire/fire creatures/whatever.

He also wants some fire-based powers, so I'm first thinking of some spellcaster multiclass.

However, I find the "Blazing Berserker" feat in Sandstorm, that gains you the Fire subtype while raging.

Are there any monster feats that add things to creatures with the fire subtype? Any nice stuff at all for fire-subtype creatures? (I'm willing to bend the rules a bit and just have feats or whatever apply while he's raging)

Nothing much in Sandstorm or Draconomicon, so far.

Thanks much!


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I don't know of any feats off the top of my head but you could build some pretty easily, depending on the flavor of the character, and how powerful you want feats to be. Here's a couple I've used for some NPCs

Blood of Fire
Prerequisites: Blazing Berserker, Barbarian 6th
Benefit: While raging your blood boils, and burns enemies who harm you. Whenever struck in melee by natural or handheld weapon, the attacker must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + Con modifier) or take 1d6 + 1/2 Barbarian levels fire damage. (enemies using reach weapons are not subject to this extra damage).

Blazing Steel
Prerequisites: Blazing Berserker, extra rage, Barbarian 10th
Benefit: When you rage, you may choose to spend an extra rage attempt per day. If you do, all melee weapons you wield gain the fiery burst for the duration of your rage.


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I managed to discern the existance of the Firestorm Berserker, way back in Dragon 314, which gives a lot of those bonuses, and ties in well with the barbarian, so he's reviewing that.

The shujenga seems to have a sort of elemental focus to it, a few levels of that would get some fire spells going.


The Unearthed Arcana had bloodline levels that may be suitable or at least give you a starting point to work from.

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