D&D 5E Fighting style for an Arcane Trickster/Arcane Archer


I am playing a Glasya Tiefling multiclass Rogue-Fighter, currently level 4-3. She has a 16 intelligence, 16 Dex and Fey touched with the Hex spell. She is going to go to level 6 in Fighter, taking telekentic at Fighter 4 to give a bonus action to do grasping arrow damage and to increase Mage Hand range to 60 feet. This will give her 17 intelligence and then take another half feat at fighter 6 to make it an 18. Then she is going to go back to Rogue for the rest of her adventuring career.

Currently her fighting style is Superior Technique with the disarming attack. The idea is she disarms the opponent and then Mage Hand Legerdemains away his weapon leaving him unarmed for the rest of the fight. It is cool and fun, but it is only once a Short Rest and we also seem to be fighting a bunch of huge and giant enemies who both have a high strength to make the save AND have they have weapons too heavy for mage hand when they fail :.-(. I am wondering if I would be better served switching to archery at level 4. I have also been thinking about keeping superior technique but going with menacing attack instead of disarming attack.

Even though she is an Arcane Archer, she is not exclusively ranged. She is not going to stay in fighter long enough to get the 7th level ability and she is not going to get sharpshooter feat. She uses her longbow more than melee but also occasionally goes in for Green Flame Bade, often augmented with a flask of oil from Mage Hand Legerdemain, mainly because the damage is quite a bit more. When she gets extra attack, I think she will use the Cantrip less as extra attack will close the gap between the Cantrip and the Attack and give her two chances on sneak attack.

Her spells currently are GFB, Message, Mage Hand, Silent Image, Tasha's Laughter, Charm Person, Shield, Hex plus Misty Step, Disguise Self and Invisibility each once a day. She also has a Tressym familiar, but rarely uses it in combat because she no longer has the Find Familiar spell, so if he dies he is gone. The rest of the party is a Rune Knight Fighter, Paladin, Life Cleric and Diviner Wizard.

Advice comments and criticism welcome. :)
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