Fighting the Gray Tide (Miniature Painting)

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Any advice on how to approach this for someone who's never worked with UV resin?

Apply it in thin layers. i.e. Apply a layer, use the UV light, then apply another layer, lather & rinse as necessary. The resin can actually heat up a lot hotter than you realize. I applied a thick layer to the base of this Imperial Armiger to get an ice effect. It heated up quite a bit and ended up warping the base to where it doesn't sit flush against a flat surface anymore. You can kind of tell from the photo.



Instead of resin, you can also sometimes use a clear glossy varnish, particularly for small areas such as eyeballs. If you apply a drop and give it time to harden, it has a similar effect.
That's a good tip. In fact, for just a regular eye or any other wet effect, you can use a brush to apply glossy varnish after you've applied your matte varnish. If I'm doing a blood effect, I usually apply after I've applied my varnish to make sure it looks shiny and wet.


Did you go? And if so, tell me about it. I've been thinking about going for years but haven't gotten around to it.

Oh, hell, no, lol - I'm so poor I had to sell the last two letters of the word to make rent... Now I'm just po... :p
They just put all the leftover swag from the con up for sale on their website a couple days afterwards, so you have to grab it quick if you want something.

I've never been, never had the money for it.

Denton, TX is a hell of a long way from where I am in New England, although several members of my local paint club do go almost every year. It's a great chance to sit down and learn from some really great painters and sculptors, and even though it's gotten a hell of a lot larger than it used to be, it's still a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. For a lot of the folks on the Reaper forums, it's pretty much a family reunion.

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