Fighting the Gray Tide (Miniature Painting)


I love the little medieval guy with the grenade launcher!
Thanks. The guys from "The Makers Cult" have a whole line called "Feudal Guard", which are basically medieval knoghts with sci-fi weapons.

Here's just a few of them, but there's also cavalry, tanks, APCs, and mechanised walkers.
They have several cool lines of miniatures.

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Sometimes you do something on accident. I’m not entirely happy with my Tyranids so I’m going back to the drawing board. Believe it or not, but I want this guy’s carapace to be pink. But I started with this base coat and I think it looks good as is. He looks like a cockroach. I’m going ahead and continuing to pink.



Interesting effect, though. You might want to make a note of that for some other project.
Yeah. It's one of the few examples of looking better in the photo than it does in person. But you're right, and that's a good attitude to take, I learned something and might use it again in the future.


Kudos to you for sharing!
One of the things I miss about Games Workshop publications in years past is that they weren't afraid to show armies painted by average painters. You could open up the pages of some of the codices or White Dwarf (and maybe still today in WD), and you'd see an army painted by an employee who wasn't part of their Heavy Metal team. I'm happy to see the stuff painted by talented artists, but it's nice to see something in a magazine and think to myself, "I can do that!"

I also think it's important to see failures. Every single one of us is going to paint something and it's going to be bad. I've got a bear around here I painted in 2020-2021 that is just horrible. Like if i painted that when I was 12-13 I would be embarrassed, it's just that bad. But that's okay. You make a mistake and you can just strip the paint and start over again.

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