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Fill my bag of holding!


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So I'm putting a bag of holding in to the treasure pile for the group to find. An empty bag of holding isn't much fun, though, so I want to put random stuff in it.

So what should come pouring out when my player dumps it out? (Nothing too powerful...let's keep it mundane, but interesting things.)

I want it to be a type I bag, for the record. (250 lb. 30 cu. ft.)

Help me EnWorld...you're my only hope!

Ok, a little more background info might help. I'm running the Savage Tide campaign and the group captured and interrogated Diamondback, the leader during the "stiltwalker" attacks while the Wormfall Festival was going on.

They wanted to go search her residence (I put her home in the Azure District, on the corner of Dredger's Lane and Bait Street, right next to the Dredger's Guildhall.)

Anyway, I figure that they won't find much there, perhaps some portraits of themselves that Heldrath had given Diamondback to help find our heroes, and I've decided that I want to throw a bag of holding into the group's hands. I figure Diamonback has one at her place. Naturally, it still has her stuff in it.

I don't know if that helps or not...
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Thornir Alekeg

A letter that seems to indicate a previous owner of the bag had a secret romance with some high noble in your campaign.

A set of ceramic plates and bowls that will make a lot of noise when they break if the contents are just dumped out.

A bottle with a salve that somone with Herbalism or Healing skills can easily identify as being a common treatment for the clap.


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Outfits, some appropriate, some not, some clean, some dirty.
Chalk, full ink bottle, sheaf of paper.
A bag of marbles.
A makeup kit (aka a disguise kit)


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A dozen orc kneecaps.

A bag of marbles.

An invisible prybar.

A deck of marked cards.

An adventurer's shopping list ("5 alchemist's fires, 2 wks rations, 50' rope...")

A large collection of snowglobes.

Clown outfits and shackles.

A pile of clothing that includes shirts, socks, and underwear, but no pants.


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A mummified severed head (animated or not)

A book that seriously discusses the Head of Vecna and its magical powers, as written by a True Believer

A cultist's robes, silver mask and obsidian dagger, and directions to a young noble's house (it's really a costume party thing, but most people would get the idea that maybe the noble was a secret cultist...)

A disclaimer note urging the purchaser of this bag of holding not to place it within, or place within it, a portable hole, and that the seller is not obligated in any form or fashion to recompense or other form of monetary or moral obligation should this disclaimer be violated.



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Ilium said:
A rock with a sword stuck in it. Completely non-magical.
Or a roc with a sword stuck into it. It's just a baby, so the party could raise it as a trained animal (after removing the weapon, of course).


A boat. There's gotta be a boat! (But with the size and weight limits its going to have to be a small one, or a kit job. No half ton cement boats for you!)


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A large iron skillet, a hunk of humanoid meat, butter, and other ingredients, along with a recipe..."One pound of salted mansflesh, cooked in garlic butter...etc."


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A sheaf of parchment that is an essay on the nature of summoning.
Some fake fairy wings.
Somethig that may or may not be glue.
A carving knife
A ring that when worn makes the wearer's fingernails turn a hot pink.
Some fruity smelling concoction in a bottle.
A small glass rod
3 flasks that are sealed with wax that have a green gaseous substance in them.

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