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Flurry of blows and extra feats.


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I have a monk with the dirty fighting feat and fists of iron. How does this work? Can I do a flurry of blows and still gain the bonus from the two feats? I'm not sure how exactly this works. If it doesn't work out that way, is there any feat for my monk to gain more damage from his attacks?

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Mr Fidgit

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dirty fighting requires a full attack action, so only 1 attack that round (no flurry)

you can fists of iron with flurry, but a limited number of times per day

you could fists of iron and dirty fighting at the same time, but only 1 attack per round

if you want to do more damage all of the time, check Empty Hand Mastery in OA


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Dirty fighting requires a full round action and allows you to make a SINGLE attack. You COULD use Fists of Iron with it for a total of monk damage + 1d4 +1d4.

Using flurry of blows, you could also use Fists of Iron. However, you use a "charge" for each strike in the flurry of blows and must be declared before you roll the dice. So you could use flurry of blows to get 3 attacks, each of which doing an additional 1d4 of fists of iron damage.

In fact... you could use flurry of blows, fists of iron and stunning attack for a kick butt combination of smack down.