For Baseball Fans - Outfield Collision


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I am a fan of the NY Mets (have been since I was old enough to be a fan of anything... blame it on my parents). They had an awful collision in the outfield last night. I can only hope these to players are okay (Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran). Here is a link to the video. I have never seen anything like it in over 30 years of watching baseball games.


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Yeah, I saw it this morning on CNN. Worst baseball collision evar! Even worse than Rose bowling over Fosse in the '70 All-Star game since both of these guys went to the hospital.

Kid Charlemagne

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I heard about this, but I'm avoiding watching the video - it sounds bad enough. And there go the Met's (slim) wild card hopes.


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I can't believe I watched!

Might be the ugliest thing I've seen on a baseball field since Moises Alou injured his ankle back in '93.

Hope everyone's okay.


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Beltran is sore and dizzy, Cameron suffered a "concussion that was characterized as slight, multiple fractures of both cheekbones and a broken nose."

I'm amazed Beltran wasn't hurt worse then he is. That was awful.

Wyn A'rienh

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Okay, I'm not a baseball fan at all. I opened this thread thinking "okay, they ran into eachother ... how bad could it be?" ...

Holy bad. Ouch.

Thornir Alekeg

Ouch! I hope everyone is OK, but I feel a little guilty that one of my first thoughts about this was about the fact that Beltran is on my fantasy baseball team :eek:

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