D&D 5E Forge of Fury TFTYP?


Anyone run this adventure in 5E? I'm thinking if using it in a Norse themed game as a starter adventure for lvl 3 PCs.

Khundrakar dounds suitably Nordic. Change a few names here and there, add a plot line snd starting town.

Adventure looks decent wounding how it runs.

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I ran "part" of it in 5e. The party decided it was too difficult and cowardly backed out to another adventure before finishing the first level. I would, however, like to try it again.
I was a player in it back in 3e. The last encounter was a doozy ... and had definite TPK potential if the DM played it intelligently.


I ran it in 5E. The one issue I had was that you can make peace with the duergar, but to get around the duergar to the dragon you have to find a secret door. If the PCs don't find the secret door, they'll have to murder hobo the duergar to get to the dragon.


Many of us have... it is part of the Tales of the Yawning Portal collection, and that is popular. For my part, it is my favorite low level adventure.

I usually run my own homebrew, but for nearly 25 years I have had a binder on my shelves that has everything I need to run both of these adventures on a moment's notice. Whenever I get called on to DM at the last minute, I bring the binder and hand out the 12 first level premade NPCs in it and get people started.

2 Suggestions:

1.) Really focus on the terrain features and how they can be used during combat. There is a lot you can do as a DM with the dungeon design.

2.) Add a 'pet mimic' pretending to be a wooden platform on the opposite side of the chasm ... chef's kiss.
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I ran it. The players decided taking on the dragon in its lair was too risky, so they called it a day after dealing with the duergar. One PC got killed by the succubus. I think it worked pretty well, and I really like this adventure. (I like it a lot more than Sunless Citadel).

I also enjoy the ones after, Speaker in Dreams and The Standing Stone. Too bad they haven't been converted to 5e yet. (I did a conversion of the former one myself a while back, but haven't yet converted the latter.)


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
I adapted it for my 5e Eberron campaign and it killed my campaign. It ended up killing my campaign.

YMMV, of course, I learned that my players aren't really the dungeon-crawling types.


IMO, it's by far the best adventure to come out of WotC during the 3e era. The dungeon is a bit over-large, and has probably a few too many choke-points (rather than being er... Xandered, or whatever the term is supposed to be now). But it's got quite a bit going on, most of which makes sense, which is good!

I've been running it at my store with Phandelin as a starting town. I ran it in 3e, and I think I might have run it in 4e too.


rather than being er... Xandered, or whatever the term is supposed to be now
Jaquaysed - officially, now. :)



Jaquaysed - officially, now. :)

Oh, Thank God! That is SOOOO much better! I can't say that I'm surprised that adding the S would have done it.

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