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Since they closed it, guess we still get a cool looking character sheet out of it.

I have not bee 100% up to date on following this thread.
As such I have lost where to pull the new Beta version from.
What do you need to PM me the where to pull down the new version?

Hi, I haven't played D&D in a while, but when I used to I loved this tool, getting back to it :). any place I can download it?
please PM me or send an email to valiumz(at)gmail(dot)com

thank you

Haven't been following this thread for a while, but I would much appreciate the latest version. Could someone please PM me the file or something? Thanks

Everybody please stop posting your email address here. Do you want ants? This is how you get ants!
If you want the character sheet, email getlink56+enw@gmail.com and save this thread for troubleshooting and feature suggestions.

See last quote for instructions.

I'm confused, the download page says the files have been removed, yet their are still a bunch of PDFs. But all the instructions I find are for Excel. So it sounds like the excel files have been removed... But do the PDFs have the same functionality?


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Found a brake in the Linguist Feat. I know it worked in earlier versions, but in Beta 8 it is broken.

It does list a +3 to max Languages, but it isn't adding it to the total number of Languages.



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[Obsolete: "Hello all, I am having this peculiar problem where I can't access the pages I am supposed to be able to access. It gives me the warning that the sheet is protected even though I could access the start tab before."]

Never mind, I got it to work. Just had to remove all exp and put in the new value I wanted. On another note, how can I make the sheet update my abilities when I attune to a certain item in character sheet 2? It doesn't seem to update my strength.
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