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D&D General Forgotten Realms geographic changes.


Could take the online scans and have it printed off to a smaller format if you wanted something more usable.

I didn't realize that's the full map, nice. Save as...

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Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad product just presented poorly as it's not easy to use at the table. It's more of a DM tool than anything. It has many redeeming qualities too as does Cities of Mystery. For one, it has the Roaringhorn Estate detailed. I recall a night my players went carousing in Waterdeeep and ended up there. The hazing for newbies to the estate was to chug a mug of Dwaeven Fire Ale and jump off the balcony into the yard below then run back up and chug another ale. One player puffs out his chest, "I'll do it", fails his poison saving throw. The partygoers throw him off the balcony and at this point the players got the bubble guts, it's about to come out of both ends. I tell him his PC has to go, gotta go. gotta go right now....what do you do? He drops trow and does the old hut, hut, hike on the Roaringhorns front lawn. Spontaneous pick-up sessions like that one were always the best. So honestly, I got some use out of that boxed set.
My understanding is that someone high up at TSR was so floored by Ed Greenwood's petsobal map of Waterdeep that they insisted it hade to be a product.


Virtually all my 2e and 3e campaigns were set in that region. It really sucks that they've basically ignored it in 5e. Hopefully, they'll get around to putting adventures there at some point...
Same, Sea a of fallen Stars was an awesome supplement awesome too.
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