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Fort Knocks - knight otu judging


Rurik sees Eusebius buckle for a split-second out of the corner of his eye, and with steely determination, focuses on the skeleton in front of him. His mind racing in the dwarven language (This is your last chance to take your place on the line. Make it count, and forever cement your place as a stalwart warrior of the Axebender clan.), he offers a silent prayer to Chennet' and swings:

Attack and Damage Roll (with flanking bonus) (1d20+12=23, 1d10+7=8)

(going to presume that that hit.)

If it drops the skeleton:

Rurik quickly covers the 10' to SE-B3 (next to Eusebius), yelling as he runs, "Pull 'im back!"

If it does not:

Rurik yells, "Pull 'im back!"

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First Post
Hissing with the pain of that crippling blow, Eusebius is grateful for the cool tingling of health that Artax delivers. Eyeing the zombie that hit him with undisguised hatred, he strikes back, slashing with the deadly blade.

Attack = 12 ; Damage = 13
Rolls here


[I believed Rurick was the blue dot, good catch with the construct]

Now that he feel at top of the initiative order, Nodis retreats slightly to his left, where he´s slightly more protected (a2 - a), and begins to draw more ectoplasm. Later, the astral puppet he summoned before attacks a nearby skeleton before moving to make himself more of a undead bait.

[Construct attacks: hits AC 9, 11 if flanking; damage 5, trip total 9. Rolls here. Nodis starts manifesting again.]

Kahuna Burger

First Post
(sorry for the delay, lots going on post vacation)

Nodis moves and begins to concentrate again, gathering the strange substance he is feeling more and more in control of. Rurik smashes his skell then moves over to join Brother E, who lands a solid hit on the zombie who attacked him but does not quite fell it.

The construct tries to smash another skell but misses. Its second purpose is well fullfilled, however, as undead swarm it, a couple managing to do some damage (-8 hp). The zombies split their attacks, one missing rurik and the other one striking brother E again, bt this time only a glancing blow. (-2 hp)

Knowing a target rich environment when he sees it, Artax pitches a vial of holy water into the center of the undead clump near the construct, disolving one skeleton and causing hissing splatters to fall on those around it.


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    fort undead4.JPG
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Nodis, 15/15 hp, 6/10 pp

Another white, misshapen figure appears side by side with the already existing one, hitting hard the skeleton next to Rurik, while the other does his part. Seeing Rurik´s performance, and how the construcs kick bony ass this time, he decides to calm a bit and let the others do their part.

[ooc: New construct appears in square C4(d), and attacks the skeleton south of him. At the end of the round the already existing construct also attacks the skeleton south of him, and then dissapears (I´m targeting different enemies to take advantage of the Trip special attack, allowing Rurik to make attacks of opportunity on those that try to get up) Nodis tries to recover psionic focus, but fails this time.

Rolls: newly appeared construct: hits AC 17, 5 points of damage, trip roll total 15. Rolls here
Already existing construct: Hits AC 22, 5 points of damage, trip roll total 18. Rolls here]


First Post
Hmm, what's our initiative order? It would help to know - especially at times like this.

If Eusebius acts before Rurik:
he'll attack the same zombie again.

If Rurik acts before Eusebius:

1. but doesn't drop that zombie
E will attack it again.

2. and drops the first zombie but doesn't cleave and drop the second
E will attack the zombie at B4d.

3. and drops both zombies
E will move to B4d and attack the skeleton at B4a - either flanking with the construct (if Nodis has moved before E), or not (if E moves before N).

Whichever way, here's the roll:
attack = 13 (15 with flank); damage = 17

Kahuna Burger

First Post
combat order is:
consrtuct 2
brother E
(construct 1)

The new construct smashes the skell in front of it and, weakened by the excess holy water it was splattered with, it shatters. Rurik swings his axe in a wide arc, felling the already wounded zombie attacking brother E and woundng the one beside him. Always glad to return the favor, the young monk stabs that zombie and it collapses in the dust. The other construct smashes the skell in front of him with similarly explosive results then melts down into a puddle of whitish goo, which seeps away into the earth.

Most of the undead swarm the new construct and one lands a lucky blow (which the puppet doesn't seem to notice) while a single zombie lumbers forward to strike Rurik. (7 hp) Artax considers the dwarf, but having heard his concern for brother E earlier decides to give the monk the benefit of a second charge from the healing wand. (+7 hp)


  • fort undead5.JPG
    fort undead5.JPG
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Nodis, 15/15 hp, 5/10 pp

Nodis´ second construct flail it´s arms around pointlessly before dissapearing. "At least it did it´s work" thinks Nodis, who decides this time to throw one of his crystal darts at the remaining zombie. He botches the power, and instead of hard crystal he throws a blob of soft ectoplasm. It turns to be quite effective, however, as the (already slow) last zombie is almost unable to move covered in the hardening glue.

[Construct´s attack roll is a 5, so I doubt it hits anything. After it disapears, Nodis manifests Entangling ectoplasm, hitting the zombie (Edit: at C4) with a ranged touch attack of 16, so the zombie becomes entangled.

Notice that entangled creatures can´t run or charge, and zombies must charge to attack unless it can reach you with a 5 foot step. So nail those skeletons first :D)]
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