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GAME night.

I'm thinking (and have planned a little bit of xD) an actual D&D adventure. It'll be lame, I promise...but have real dice (well using that fancy roller which I've never used and a character sheet etc etc). Since I've not GMed before...(like this anyways)...and not really played much D&D it'll be a bit like feeling my way around and learning how to play it. Hopefully a bit of fun. And if you're NOOB at D&D dont worry, I'll leech someone who knows what they're doing to come help us suck together.

Was thinking Saturdays for me in Aus, which is Friday night for most USA-ians....and unfortunately if you're a resident of the UK a completely sucky time slot of the MIDDLE of the night... As for the rest of the world, well google worldclock and see if it's appropriate

So, if you're a) curious to learn and play in a game that has NO (site) politics whatsoever b) not persnickety about the D&D rules (because we all know I am going to screw them up severely) c) want a bit of a laugh; I'd love to have you come along.

Yes, we're starting at the glorious levels of nothing. No, I dont expect this to be a long running campain (though anything is possible at this point in time).

Why here (on ISRP)...because I have at least one friend here who will make the effort to play and wont mock me too severely in my attempts at gming. And I think it's about time we (the community) went back to the land of working hard to develop a character rather than building them to specs.

Game should be ready to start in the new year. Running on 3.5 coz thems the books I have. It'll run in the fish room or ahoy and should preferably take up no more than 3 hours (though it may take me a little bit to work out how much you/we/i can fit in to each session). GH as the setting (so if you get really excited early and have time over Christmas you can make a character sheet). But please, nothing fancy or I will shoot myself every time I have to google something you're using coz it's not in the books. If you're interested, and have NFI how to do a character sheet (which is ME too) really should email or PM me here. If you want any other information too you can email me: leeraeg[MENTION=89935]hotmail[/MENTION].com

Oh, and dont ask for specific times/dates JUST yet...I'm busy until January (am busy then too but hopefully less so).

And just so you guys know. I expect a 0 response to this message. So dont feel the urge to pat/post/poke if you're not interested ;)!!

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