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Funny character names


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I have a lot of names for anthro animal characters, mostly unused.

Vlad the Impala
Capybara America
Mack Koi
Watt the Fox
Davey Cricket

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In my Mighty Protectors campaign I'm incapable of taking NPCs entirely seriously, which has resulted in heroes and villains like:
  • Captain Generica - Used to operate under a different name but got sued into oblivion by a comic company. Now in order to make ends meet, his battle cry is the URL of his Patreon page
  • Beelze-Bob - incel accountant who made a deal with a demon because he thought it would make girls like him
  • Flower Child - peace-loving hippy with plant powers; fell in with a bad crowd. Time in prison has made him angry, and he'll be back as The Weed.
  • Invisigoth - Emo teen with invisibility and stat-siphoning powers
  • Vinny from the Bronx - knows a guy who owes him a favor
  • Uncanny Valley Girl - re-activated android super-heroine from 1984, her AI now residing in the team's base's computer system. Refuses to update her speech patterns to remove the phrase "Like,..." from the beginning of sentences.
  • Mother Superior - leader of a band of nun-chuck wielding nun-jas.
These are less about funny names than funny powers, but: My campaign is based in a very loose parallel to the Villains and Vigilantes universe, where there's such a thing as government licensing of heroes to help protect them from ramifications like being sued for property damage incurred while defeating an alien invasion. I've created an organization called CUSP (Coalition of Unlicensed Special Protectors) where people with limited powers who can't get licensed on their own can band together and take advantage of on-staff attorneys to provide similar (but less effective) protections. The team local to my players' location have become sort of rival frenemies and consists of:

  • Mantra - has mind control abilities, but they're limited to forcing someone to quietly meditate while chanting a catchphrase over and over
  • The Weeble - he wobbles, but he doesn't fall down
  • Lefty - superhumanly strong, but only on one side of his body
  • The Sleeper - nigh invulnerable but only when he's asleep. Before going into battle, pops a tranquilizer so Lefty can use him as a club or shield.
  • Mister Bubble - his ability to create and control vast quantities of soap bubbles is called Bubblekinesis.
  • Stilts - has the amazing power of growth at will - though only to a few inches taller than his normal height


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Beelze-Bob reminded me of (the as-yet unusped) B. (BAPHOMET) L. (LOKI) ZEBUB, SON OF STAN and:


Many are familiar with the Bible verse, John 3:16, which reads, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Well, the Devil is a daddy, too, but he didn't stop at one. Fortunately for humanity, even his most powerful offspring fail at their mission. But the Great Deceiver keeeeeps on trying. And since he's going for quantity over quality, some of his progeny are...well...not as immanent a threat to existence as others.

Such as Muffystopholes, Daughter of the Devil. More vacuous than dangerous, she is, nonetheless brimming with infernal power. She is immortal, an eternal teen...in mind as well as body. With her devilish charisma, she can often get people to do things her way, or at least, follow her lead. Fortunately, as a venal child coming of age in the 1980s, she's more interested in fashion than fascism.

In other words, instead of being involved in politics or joining the military, she has become...a trendsetter. And because of who she is, she skews demographics. If you ever see a trend that looks wildly out of place in a given place or culture, odds are good she's involved.

But she's not malevolent. The girl just wants to have fun. Not that those who know her true nature believe this. Her life is often disrupted by the forces of good and of evil. Priests and other holy persons are always trying to destroy her; misguided Fourth Reich types and other miscreants are constantly trying to recruit her.

The latter, being more subtle, have occasionally been successful in using her abilities to further their goals. It's no accident a certain royal once got photographed wearing a swastika to a party...

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