Gale Force Nine secret new board game simply called D&D


I crit!
From Board Game Geeks twitter account

In Aug 2018, @GaleForceNine will release a new Dungeons & Dragons board game; info is embargoed until @Wizards_DnD reveals the setting. —WEM
Whatever could "reveals the setting" mean?! New setting? Old setting based game? If so which one? Black box == Darksun?

Whatever the heck!

Could this be one of the code named products or something else? Anybody have any other "leaks" on it?

D&D board game.jpg
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My guess is that it has to do with a new book coming out from WoTC, like the Swordcoast book or something like that. But GaleForceNine are the guys that maek the Firefly game and it's one of my favorite tabletop games so I'm going to probably give it a try.


They're doing previews at GenCon. The only other info I've found is that it's cooperative, and definitely linked to the September release.