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I agree. Perhaps he'll shed some more insight to the canonical timeline of the Realms, and how AL fits into that. Perhaps he'll give some insight as to why we're all of a sudden having references to Greyhawk in the last few books. It seems the things we get the most straightforward answers to are on the books already published. Who knows, maybe he'll talk about what they planned to do with Sword Coast Legends if it didn't implode on itself.

But most of all, we might get some words that will lead to rampant fandom speculation, and it will be hilarious to get that, and then when the actual stuff comes out, look back to see how completely and utterly (not to mention obviously, once we see what hints we missed) wrong we were.

It's like a hobby unto itself! :D

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Actually, now that I mentioned it, I'm curious what they were going to do with SCL if it was successful. I mean, it seems like they wanted it to be important, one of the tag-along NPCs appeared on the cover of the SCAG, and its BBEG is listed as a possible fiendlock patron. The obvious answer is "expansion packs", that would follow along the storyline of the hardcovers, but would they have done more to incorporate it into their core?

The Neverwinter MMO is part of their multi-media franchise, but as far as I can tell its presence in the 5e family has never been as heavily sponsored as SCL was. I don't recall seeing any statblocks of major NPCs being made for it, I've never seen a book that explicitly stated it expanded upon or was expanded by the Neverwinter MMO (though maybe the Neverwinter campaign guide in 4e did). The most I've seen of tie-ins was that it appears in Dragon+, it gets a mention for storyline stuff (Oh Cryptic is doing this for the Neverwinter MMO!), and I got an item coupon when I bought the Elemental Evil board game. I don't seem to recall there being anything else, aside from maybe item coupons in other D&D non book items? Whereas I have seen all of the above (except for item coupons) for Sword Coast Legends, which maybe implies that wotc had bigger goals for it than they did Neverwinter.


I am on one hand super excited for more UA's (and I'd just heard about this today and was hoping the story was being talked about here)

On the other hand, it could end up being a lot of content to sift through and talk about, that won't get used at my table for some time.

Still, I love getting new free stuff.


How come no one here is covering what's happening at Gamehole Con? Apparently Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, and Mike Mealrs are there holding a D&D seminar. I've seen a few tidbits on Twitter, such as:


Anyone got any other interesting bits of news?

The unearth arcana isn't up yet.

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