Gaming catchphrases, expressions, and idioms--what are yours?

Andrew D. Gable

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I'm gonna give him some lovin'.
Said jokingly when attacking as a mockery of what an ex-PC always said in the same situation.

Wiggity wiggity wack or My eye....b-----!
Said...well...anytime. From songs, natch.

AND FINALLY.........


Where are the Cheetos?

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Renaissance Man

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"Gnome bard" - a euphemism for an utterly useless character. (Sorry to all you gnome bards out there. If it's any consolation, mine was the prototype for this expression.) :D

Admiral Ray

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"Get in the bag."

Wind Walk, Teleport, and similar spells don't affect that many people, so we use bags of holding/portable holes to store other party members until we get to where we need to be.

This is usually said when one or two people want to go, but others don't. Example:

PC1: *points* "Get in the bag."
PC2: "We're being hasty. I don't..."
PC1: "In the bag!"
PC2: "I think..."
PC1: "In da bag!"


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Talath said:

3. Thats What She Said.

Sometimes one of us says something which can be taken the wrong way (for example, "take that out of your mouth") and then one of us will say in response, "Thats what she said".


[composing self] Um, er, it's funny.


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"Darklord in a can"

Came from a Ravenloft game in which a character, through an incredible series of dice rolls, trapped a ghostly darklord in an item similar to an iron flask. They carried it around for a while, but couldn't leave the domain with it, so they left it at the domain border (they weren't dumb enough to let it out).

Now when someone has a really dangerous one-shot item (like say a scroll of "meteor swarm") they refer to it as a "darklord in a can".

Originally from a Shadowrun campaign, I use this term to indicate that player has failed to overcome a monster's DR. This is usually followed by the following exclaimation from the player "Ping? What do you mean ping? I can't hit it any harder!"


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Trevalon Moonleirion said:

EDIT 2: But wait, there's more!
This is from when Fayredeth was DMing. I was playing my rather ugly cleric of ...oh I can't even remember the god or godess in his world. Anyhow, I solve a puzzle in this maze and Fay describes various things while I'ms till wandering around. He seems to be gettting frustrated but I'm not really sure why. He then jumps up and says "[INSERT GOD NAME HERE] appears in front of you, bitchslaps you and tells you to get out of the ****ing maze!!!"


Now that's really funny!


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Earlier in our campain: Said by our monk, "I need to taunt the orcs into chasing me." Said by me (DM), "What exactly do you do?" Monk, "I run to the door, kick it open, and swing my willy around in a circle and run away." [It worked very well.]

In the Pool of Radiance module, said by our monk, "I attack the naked guy with a flurry of blows."

When anything else homo-erotic happens we always refer to our sexually confused monk.



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I played a mage in a Warhammer campaign a few years ago. Any time I blasted somebody with a fireball I called it giving them terminal sunburn.


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1) We had been playing 3e with a new player, we were about to enter a cavern when the new player said, " Just a sec, I look in the cavern with my Intelligence."

2) "FOR GREAT JUSTICE" A paladin used to run around saying this constantly. He used it as a battle-cy initially, but now whenever one of us crits we say Great Justice.

Me (DM): Ok, as you stroll over the crest of the hill you see some demons talking below you.
Ranger: How many?
Me: 78.
ME: *Checking Notes*
Me: I mean 2.
Now whenever I or anyone else isnt sure of a number, they say 78.

4) Pinch his ass
One time, we needed to distract a guard so our thief could get by easily, the sorceror of the group used a cantrip on the guard. Cantrip: Pinch, the guard turned to see what the hell happened and our thief got past without incident. Now whenever we need to distract something we tell the sorceror to pinch its ass.


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Skill: Mangina

The ranger in our group was a cowardly person. His character was not supposed to be this way, but the guy playing him was always getting nervous. (He had already died twice) So any time a situation may have the possibility of getting bad, he was always the first to suggest the party run away. One time, the party rogue said, roll your special Mangina check. That was it, it stuck.

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