Gaming catchphrases, expressions, and idioms--what are yours?


Gnome Lover
Two expressions that came into our group from playing marathon car wars games back in college.

"Rolled a 6!" -- Used anytime that someone fumbles / fails horribly and with a disasterous result. Comes from the table you roll on when you fail a control roll performing a manuever; you had a 1 in 6 chance of your car flipping into the air, bursting in flames, and rolling end over end.

"Riding in John's car" -- During one particular 2 day marathon session, John had consistently defeated everyone in the room time and time again whether we were fighting on the road or in the arena. At the end of the long second day, we were all sitting around drinking and someone happened to pick up one of his car designs; gave a shout and grabbed for the rest of them to look. Sure enough, John was able to have more armor, weapons, and ammo than the rest of us because he had forgotten to put an engine in any of his cars. To this day when anyone has a PC in any game who is severely min/maxed, twinked, munchkined, or just plain broken, it "rode to the game in John's car"


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This post sounds hauntingly familiar, and I'm too lazy to see if I've already if this is a second post to this thread, you can all just deal with that I suppose.

"I run him through." Classic KoDT. Very popular at the table.

"Strahd's a pedophile." Though I've only run Ravenloft once, this still gets brought up every once in a while. He has a girl hiding in his castle in the module you see... and...well yeah that's how that got started.

"*sung to the tune of mambo number five* One, two, three-four-five, it may look like it but I'm not a-live!" Another gem from Ravenloft that still haunts us. (no pun intended)

"Eat a :):):):), ho!" So very...very medieval...

"Your MOM!" We're all going to college... really...we are!

"Ah screw it, let's just kill him." Not necessarily said, but it's certainly a general attitude.

That's about all that I can think of for the moment--it's been so long since I've played D&D with my group!

Isida Kep'Tukari

"Stick of Law/Good"

There's a couple of guys in my group that have rolled up either good or lawful good characters after a long time playing chaotic neutral characters. Occasionally they forget they their new alignments. I threatened (good naturedly) to keep them in line with the "Stick of Law/Good." So whenever they say or are about to do something unlawful/not good I tap them with my pencil and say "Stick of Law/Good!" "I backstab the NPC!" Thwack! "Stick of Good!"

"It's worth the dice" "Where are the dice?"

My group is notorioius for having a wealth of bad puns and the occasional off-color joke. When a real stinker is said, I lightly throw my dice bag (full of my back-up dice) at the offender. So whenever a really bad joke is said, people ask about the dice. (Though sometimes just chucking a d12 works though.)
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Dwarven Guardian
"Thrash and bash"

Popularized by battlerager and vindicators in spiked armor. Whenever a player decided to battle rage and forego the normal weapons, he or she would look at the DM and say, "I thrash and bash."


When I was playing a vindicator, another player had a character with an obscene strength. Though we were on ship, I was wearing spiked plate armor. We were engaging another ship and he looked over at the DM and said, "If I pick up the dwarf and toss him, can I hit the captain of the other ship?" The DM did some quick calculations and said, "Um, yeah, it looks like you can. Why?" So the PC tossed my vindicator directly at the captain and I proceeded to "Thrash and Bash." Hence the word, "Thrashball." It got used numerous time in that campaign afterwards.

"Convert or Die!"

The wife of the DM complained to me, "You never play evil characters. Even when we run an evil party, you always play neutral!" She then turned to her husband and said, "Make him play an evil character!" Looking to bail out my friend, I created a specialty priest of Cyric. She was a cleric of another god. The first time we started encountering anything powerful, it turned out to be three vampires (high level campaign). First words out of my mouth were, "Convert or die!" as I held up the unholy symbol of Cyric. The DM said, "Are you attempting to turn or command them?" I said, "No, I'm giving them options." They didn't convert. Flame strike and toasted vampires. I then looked at her and said, "Convert or die!" After that, it took on prominence as a jab at her whenever a party-member gave her exactly what she demanded, much to her chagrin.

"Uh, oh, gotta go!"

A particular player usually did bone-headed things on purpose. However, he built his characters with the capacity to usually get out of the situation. His catch phrase to alert the rest of the party when he did something of this caliber was, "Uh, oh, gotta go!"

"Want a girl scout cookie? Want a girl scout?"

Standard phrase of a low gen Malkavian named Teddy Bear with a high level of dementation. Imagine a 40 something year-old wearing a teddy bear outfit where you could see his face. That's "Teddy Bear." He always would say that to anyone he meant. The character who coined "Uh, oh, gotta go!" asked Teddy Bear to teach him dementation. Teddy Bear agreed but the character had to complete a particular disgusting task: collect 40 girl scouts, rape them, drink their blood, and bring Teddy Bear their collection of girl scout cookies. Needless to say, it caused a mental illness for the PC (what Teddy Bear felt was necessary in order to become a disciple of dementation). When players would go after something that ended up having more detriments than advantages, we'd say, "Want a girl scout cookie? Want a girl scout?"

"Have you no faith?"

Started by my paladin, Illyssa of Thay, when anyone questioned whether something was do-able. She would respond with this question and the party would get rolling. Eventually, it was used whenever anyone questioned plunging headlong into a hopeless situation. The group would shout, "Have you no faith?"

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