Gate Pass Gazette Gate Pass Gazette #5 Is Here!

Here is it folks! Gate Pass Gazette Issue #5, including a whole new avian heritage for your Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition games!


Canticle of the Wing
Birdfolk are an eclectic avian people with a deep connection to nature. Different groups display characteristics from the birds their ancestors bonded with, meaning there are potentially as many different kinds of birdfolk as there are birds in the sky. This article introduces mechanics for the birdfolk heritage, as well as three related Simerengo cultures.
By Thiago Rosa

The Western Shore
Flanked by towering cliffs on one side and the treacherous ocean on the other, the Western Shore plays host to a variety of unique monsters and hazardous exploration challenges. Your heroes won’t have to face these trials unaided, however, as the beach is also home to potentially helpful NPCs and the assistance they can provide. These mechanics can be used separately or in conjunction to populate your oceanfront adventures.
By Marc Kenobi

Synergy Feats for Extraordinary Heroes
Finding oneself is often a strange endeavor, and the places these journeys take a hero can reveal uncanny powers and astonishing truths. This article features several first-class synergy feat trees to bring out a character’s hidden strength.
By Mike Myler

The Zephyr's Complement: Steamfantasy Archetypes for an Airship Crew
Daring feats of prowess, fantastical machines, and acts of eldritch gunslinging are just ahead! Whether used together as a crew or individually for a sepia-toned loner, these archetypes are for innovative characters driven to meld steam, magic, and steel.
By Rachel Williamson

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Well done as usual folks, love this stuff.

Really happy to see Martial get it's first synergy feat chain, and a cool one at that. Giving a linked ally exertion or spell slots by expanding your own is an awesome idea. One of my favorite classes in A5E and it's been needing some new content since release. Also looking forward to the new archetype in Dungeon Delver's Guide. :)

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