George Barat's Shop of Exotic Goods!


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Looking for that fabric from the south? Want those elaborate ruby earings made in the east? George Barat Can Supply! Oerth-Wide and Soon Planes-wide traveler and Sailor George Barat sells all manner of exotic goods!

Some items that are often (But not always) available include: Fabrics, Monkeys and other exotic pets, jewlery, cutlery, bags and occasionaly weapons!

Can be found in the Emporium! Come soon!

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Agudo Archmage

Shoping List

A fashionable wizard dressed in his classic Blue and White robes leans next to the Emporium Message board.
He casually puffs on his corncob pipe filling the air with apple cinnamon.
Just then he notices a particular advertisement that catches his eye.
After reading the parchment, he rubes his short blond beard and smiles.

With a snap of his finger a reply appears saying the following.

Good Sir and proprietor of this establishment.

I would inquire do you have any baby Blue Myconid?
They are normally found in deep Dwarven underground holds.

Also I need three enchanted Willow wisps from a Unicorn inhabited glade and one large Rhinoceros Beetle shell, preferably yellow from the desert regions.

Please reply as soon as possible

Signed a most interested patron
Agudo Archmage of Light


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*Barrats stall watcher, a small little dwarf, hobbles over and places a notice up*

Mr. Barrat is currently away on a delivery mission. However, via a handy-dandy crystal ball, I have managed to contact him. He will pick up these creatures and items for you before his return trip.

Stall-Watcher Bobbio.


First Post
Barat Approaches the board, and posts a message.
Dear Agudo,

I have the afformentioned wares available now. Seeing as you probably would like to make the Transaction somewhere more in private, preferably distanced from any law men of any stripe, I'll be willing to hand them over. For a price, of course.


Agudo Archmage

Making the Deal

Agudo was pleased to see his request had been filled and left a note.

Thank you for your speedy service!
Please bring the items to the Flute and Boot Inn owned by Kulideb.
Its can be found in the Realm of Faerun near the city of Baldurs gate. Just outside about a mile or so down the road.




wanders across from his stall for a moment letting his eye glance across the various fabrics


First Post
A short, well-off man, hobbles down the cobblestone pathway. He scribbles a note.

Salutations, Master Barat. I carryeth thy burden of 5 magickal carpets, flying. I doeth suggest that we shall trade, some carpets for some gold, eh?



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I require a Galmere crystal and some mythril - around five ounces. Common enough items, but I thought I'd try you. Do you do deliveries?

~Jeajea Veanson


First Post
Drindin said:
George nods. "Seems fare 'nough! I'll be givin' yah... 200 per carpet, eh?"

Well, one carpet 5 x 10 feets in length really costs pieces o' gold. I'll give you a bargain, okay? Since your not quite willing to pay the big lot, eh? The whole lot, 5 carpets, will be 32,000 pieces o' gold. 6,400 each, eh? Truly is a bargain! It would cost 160,000 pieces for retail price. But for you, anything. 32,000 pieces of gold for all 5.

The man, now in a turban leaves the notice here and walks away saying, "Bargain for him!"



i seek your services but must talk detail in private, send a messenger to find me at your earliest possible conviniance.


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