5E Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle Excerpts: Adv 1 Fane of the Sun Swallower


The Forgotten Realms "Sundering" event is going to be pushed hard with the development of DNDNext, as mentioned at last year's GenCon. With the start of Vault of the Dracolich game day event, and upcoming DND Encounters, I'm thinking the default campaign world for adventures may be Forgotten Realms for Next.

The next two Encounters adventures are both FR related, and I can see all foreseeable Encounters adventures being FR focused as they move through the Sundering event leading up to release of DNDNext and beyond to a release of a FR campaign book with all the updates.
I think this sounds very likely. If you have a strong campaign setting with lots of fans, it seems odd not to make this the default setting for your game. The halfway house we had with 4e (and to a lesser extent 3e which used a kind of Greyhawk Lite) doesn't really help anyone.

I don't think this will become Next's Sunless Citadel though, due to its limited distribution.


Honest question: How would you run this? Read it all the way through (200+ pages), ask your group to roll some new characters, and run through the whole thing as written?
[MENTION=17927]Kravell[/MENTION] sounds about right. Give the PCs some background info on the setting, have them make characters or choose a Pre-Gen and then have some fun. Not too complicated a formula.


I think the backstory would work better if the module assumed play begins earlier in the sequence of events. That is, instead of opening with the hanging, start with that guy holding recruiting. That would be a neat place for the PCs to slot in, I think. Or the PCs could do whatever else they wish (exploring the marsh for bounties, for one).