Gift Ideas for Players

If you have players in your life who are in dire need of gaming accessories, or you just want to tell family and friends what to get you, we've got you covered. These products are listed from least- to most-expensive. If you're planning to order, consider global shipping times if you hope to deliver these gifts by the holidays.


Healing Potion Tokens Acrylic Set ($15)

There are a lot of different healing potions, and for players who lose track of how many they have, there's this elegant solution: token bottles that represent how much each heals. Just toss it back to the DM when you use one.


DND Spell Slot Tracker with 9 D6 Mimic Wood ($18)

This fun concept features a mimi-style chest with its mouth wide open and nine labeled squares. Six-sided dice function as reminders for spell slots.


CABTSEEM Portable Leather Drawstring Dice Bag ($18)

This set features a leather dice bag features a metal dragon signet, a belt buckle hook, and a leather drawstring that won't unravel like cheaper dice bags.


Fantasydice 2 Pairs Of Cthulhu Eldritch Socks ($19)

For the Call of Cthuhu fan, this set of socks includes a grab bag of iconic and not-so-iconic Cthulhu image, including a 20-sided die and a cat with horns, in addition to chibi-Cthulhu and a spell-wielding cultist.


D20 Bath Bombs with Polyhedral Dice Inside ($22)

If you know a player who enjoys dice and baths, this "dragon blood" bath bomb will let you bathe in the blood of your enemies (if they're dragons).


Amiven 42 Pieces Glow-in-the-Dark Polyhedral Dice Sets ($17)

EDIT: Updated to glow-in-the dark after Amiven discontinued their glitter dice (on Amazon, anyway). Yes, they glow in the dark, although with the exception of one set they all glow green.


ENHANCE Tabletop Acrylic Character Sheet Set ($30)

Do you have players who destroy their character sheets after erasing their hit points and rewriting them over and over? Worry no more with these acrylic character sheets for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.


SMONEX DND Dice Tray ($30)

For the player who ruins every table they play on, this handsome tray features three "holding areas" for dice and three different faces to roll dice on.
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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca


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Would be cooler if the dice tray rotated and locked the dice in for transport.

Gave my son this one last year ($12.00) and it works out fine. It folds flat and slips in his bag between books for easy travel. There are smaller ones if table space is lacking.

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One thing to consider for sure is if you are hosting a D&D game in one place, or traveling a lot. As a kid we never knew where we were going to play, so gifts like this were perfect. As an adult, I'm much less inclined to travel (or I host, so I can invest in bulkier accessories that stay put). Great suggestion!


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I just....I'm actually kicking myself hard for not realizing how much D6's would work with tracking the amount of Spell Slots you have. That's actually neat!
I had the same epiphany! You don't need the mimic at all, just a piece of paper with the spell slot levels listed and maybe different colored six-sideds for each level (I can't help trying to use all the dice I have).

One of my nieces got into playing D&D 5E a few years ago. Last year I got her a copy of "Kobolds ate my baby!"... doubt she'll ever play it, but it's a hoot to read. This year I got her a bunch of oddball dice... a whole set that includes all those 'not really in the game' types like D5s and D15s, all the way up to D28, a couple of those D26s that have letters instead of numbers, one of those dice sets that have teeny rubber duckies inside, etc. Next year, I thought I'd get her some DTRPG PODs of some old school modules like B1 and others, so she can see what the game was like way back in my day...


CR 1/8
Eldritch socks are nice. When one goes missing in the dryer, at least you know it's not really "lost." More likely, it's just wandered off to serenade Azathoth, so you can probably summon it back using a soul-destroying spell from a mysterious tome or something.


There's a player in the campaign I play in who would need d10s to track her sorcerer's 1st- and 2nd-level spells. (For spells of levels 3-6 she could get by with d8s - it's not until tracking her 7th- and 8th-level spells that she could make do with d6s.)



That spell slot tracker is a great idea. Though I think I'd like mine in the shape of an open scroll - or a colored acrylic bar.


I learned nerd for this.
Argh! I write these a week or so before I post them and try to update, as the vendors all move their inventory around, sorry about that. Still dice at least, but if you're looking for a different glitter dice set here's one I reviewed in 2020:
Can you change the original post to maybe list the glow in the dark dice the link points to? Some might be interested in those.


This is the second christmas in a row that Rising from the Last War was delayed in Brazil, so I can't annoy my players to buy it for me. Crossing my fingers for easter!


I can’t post details right now- running errands- but Etsy is FULL of crafted items players might enjoy.
I can concur with this: I have gotten Inspiration Tokens on Etsy and I like them a lot. They also have spell slot trackers that you can use the D6 for that is just "default" looking and not any crazy look. I also got a sweet Superiority Dice tracker for my Fighter Battle Master as well and I like it alot.

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