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Call of Cthulhu

RPG Crowdfunding News – Tenebria, Adrenaline, Eryphir, and more
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Between September 20th to 26th, ten RPG, and RPG-related, Kickstarters end. Compared to recent weeks, that’s a notable decrease. However, this is not the start of a trend. Instead, it’s the result of Gen Con week and its impact on RPG Kickstarter launches (when many of the crowdfundings that would have ended this week likely would have begun).
Con Report: JordanCon from an Insider
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Every April I shed my freelancer disguise for the clothes of a Track Director at what is one of Atlanta’s best conventions, JordanCon. To be honest it's the same black tee shirt and jeans, I just put them in a suitcase and pop on down to the Crowne Plaza® Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia. Along with the tools to bring the beauty of Science Fiction to what is primarily a Fantasy-focused membership...
Worlds of Design: Who Needs Spellcasters Anyway?
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The most widespread (by far) RPG has been Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), though in quite different forms. And Dungeons & Dragons tends to be dominated by magic users, or more broadly, spell casters. Why is that?

[Chaosium] Chaosium Board Of Directors Meets For The First Time Since Greg Stafford's Passing

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Last week Chaosium Inc held its first board meeting since Greg Stafford died in October 2018. Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen returned to an active role at Chaosium ("The Return of the Great Old Ones") in early 2015, both serving on the company board.


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