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Githzerai stats


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How are you supposed to figure out a PC githzerai's stats? There are no stat adjustments in Manual of the Planes, and there's no mention of them in Savage Species. And yet, they're ECL+2.

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It's in the DMG, in the section about monster races.
A Githzerai has +6 dex, -2 int and +2 wis.

The stats are not in the DMG, how you calculate them is.
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... and spell resistance and spell-like abilities. They're worth their +2 ECL which I have confirmed by playtesting

As for figuring out stat adjustments, if the normal score is an odd number subtract 11 from it to discover the stat adjustment; even scores require that you subtract 10.


With the exception of stats with a larger penalty than 2, and strictly speaking intelligence with a -2 penalty as well.

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