D&D General Glitter liquid swirling dice


I crit!
These seem like a special effect. There is a contest. If anybody here wins or has or gets these please do a review? Or just post swirling glittery videos.


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It seems the dice are liquid inside. I wonder if they are just as random as solid dice?

As long as the liquid cavity is "regular" (centered, even, etc), then why wouldn't they be? They will certainly roll slightly different from a normal die because the glittery fluid swirling around is eating up kinetic energy, but as long as the cavity is regular there's no reason for the die to favor any one face over another.

Now, how easy it is for them to actually manufacture a die with a regular cavity... that's down to how much money they want to spend on manufacturing. To do it right, I would expect a non-trivial increase in cost over a solid die.

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