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Yes, I stat monsters. Yes, I avidly create them as well as convert them. But I am also a collector, and I have found very little in the way of original White Dwarf Fiend Factory critters that didn't make it into the 1ed Fiend Folio.
Well, I'd like to get my hands on them, one way or the other, and I'm here looking for some help. Sure, people make fun of the flumph, but in my book, weirder monsters is just thinking outside of the box.
I've spotted a couple conversions on Necromancer Games, and only a few issues of White Dwarf on ebay, but that's about it. Can any of you fellow monster junkies lend a hand on this? I blame the Fiend Factory index you all posted for getting me started on this.


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Yes, they are way too new. Most of the Fiend Factories were issues 100 or lower, as I recall... but thank you for pointing me in a new direction!


Here's a list of White Dwarf monsters I've converted. I've got most issues from 5 to 55, and frankly there aren't many more left that I am too excited about -- the bottom of the barrel is pretty weird.

White Dwarfs are great to collect, though -- not crazy expensive, but very inspirational. In some ways I think WD was doing much more interesting things during this period than the Dragon was.

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Have Used many of your coversions - Good Job

I really appreciate your keeping the critters available.

I've read every conversion, and used a few. The others just seem right to have around.


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