Greater Than Games' Christopher Badell Health Update

I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere outside the GTG forums and the RPG Kickstarter, and perhaps the people who are most concerned already know, but for fans of GTG in general and the Sentinels card game and RPG in particular, designer Christopher Badell is having some serious health issues at the moment and is headed for spinal surgery to replace some of his cervical vertebrae. He's been in a lot of pain for several weeks now and would undoubtedly appreciate any good wishes people care to offer him. You can find more info on the evolving situation in the last couple of episodes of the Letters Page podcast (which are much shorter than usual, just health updates), the most recent of which is linked here and on the RPG Kickstarter update from two days ago.

If there's already a thread discussing this it's eluded me, so any mod who's aware of one can just delete this if they want.

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FWIW yesterday's podcast had another health update, as well as spending the best part of an hour back to the usual routine of answering letters. Salient takeaways are that his pain management meds seem to be working better, he's walking a mile to work regularly and generally being more active, and he was (owning to recording at least a week ahead of time) he should have seen his surgical consultants on the 12th in real time. Not sure how his doctors would feel about his level of activity (particularly the walking to work thing) but at least his spirits seem higher.

Dredging this up to mention that Christopher has had his spinal surgery, which appears to have been a resounding success. He's fully back to work now, but as last week's update on the Sentinel Comics RPG kickstarter shows there were some dramatic effects fulfillment of the project. To summarize:

Revised Starter Kit - pushed back to Q2 2024 (expected release by the end of April, it's already been printed and shipped from China)
Gen Con One-Shot Adventure - Q3 2024 (because they can't very well delay GenCon, can they?*)
Sentinel Comics Zine - pushed back six months to Q4 2024 (this was originally meant to release with the core book)
Diamond Book of Monster Adventures - pushed back six months to Q1 2025
History of Sentinel Comics - pushed back six months again to Q2 2025 (it's a pure fluff book, not really for the RPG anyway)
Dark Watch - pushed back six months to Q3 2025
Urban Settings - pushed back three months to Q4 2025

So that's going to be no actual hardcover books this year now.

I'm glad Christopher's personal health is better, but I can't say these further delays are doing much good for the health of the SCRPG community. That revised starter kit needs to work wonders at drawing in new players and revitalizing interest among existing ones.

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