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GURPS WWII - Darkest Hour (Started but still Recruiting. No really)


The Wermacht overan Poland in three weeks, Denmark in a day, Norway took a little longer but the issue was hardly in doubt. The blitzkreig decapitated France, and Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were caught in the vortex and sucked down into darkness.
Mussolini, eager to be in at the death, eyes Egypt and the Balkans, whilst the Soviets secure in their unholy alliance with the Nazis gobbled up Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, half of Poland and large chunks of Finland - though the last at bloody price. In the East the Japanse military seek new adventures, even though incapble of properly digesting China. In the west, the United States lies prostrated by depression, torn between isolationist denial and resigned preparation.
Meanwhile, the fate of Europe is the hands of a few hundred young men in the skies over southern England, while underneath them, the first plans are being made for striking back...

Looking for a small group to join the newly formed Special Operations Executive (SOE). PCs will have been recruited on a word of mouth basis, either because of who they know, or because they have some useful talent, or knowledge, or they just happened to be in the right/wrong place at the right time. Exactly what you are going to be doing has not really been explained to you, but you are all volunteers and can back out whenever you like. You won't though will you?

Background, skills and nationality can be more or less anything, provided you would have seemed useful to someone and are physically and mentally capable; Regulars or civilians. A mix of diplomacy, tact, guile, subtevuge and violence will be the most likely means employed, though possibly not in that order. Be as prepared to arrange a coup against a pro-Axis balkan government as you are scouting out for an air raid or commando attack. There aren't many agents at this time, so you will be expected to be versatile and probably overworked and poorly breifed on occassion, oh, and to use a lot of initative. There is no book to follow, you'll be writing it as you go along...

Point buy:
125 points.

Extremely havardous Duty (-20) is practically mandatory, but does not count against the -40 point limit.

You may or may not have attended rather hurried training, depends on character concept.

Flexible, but not weird. Things can happen, if you are lucky you might even get to affect what happens, on a good day your influence might even be favourable...

Geographical reach:
Europe and Middle East, not any further.

Character concepts:
Heck, go wild. I'll tell you if I think it's a dumb idea.
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First Post
I've still gotta read up on the GURPS rules, and I just got my hands on a copy of the WWII source book, so I'll post my character before the end of next week


's fine.

BTW, I will be waiving the "skill points = twice age" rule to reflect the, possibly, highly trained backgrounds of PCs. PCs should be physically capable, if not necassarily competent, otherwise it is highly unlikely that they would be allowed to go on field ops.


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Would you have a place for a german "Brandenburger", working with the French Resistance? (At least for the moment, till someone finds out.)

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double agent in the party? Well, everybody would know about it now (IC). Of course a double agent who begins to have doubts about his ultimate loyalties, or a triple agent... Of course given that the Abweher had a very poor record for setting up agents in Britain, it would probably be quite ahistorical.
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[(Note to self) Lession learned: Sleep before posting; 38 hours without sleep do not improve the clarity of your posts. :)]

What I meant was a member of the "Brandenburger" field troops, not an agent of the Abwehr. Also Erich Karl Graf von Bruckner wouldn't be a double agent for the Germans (in my opinion this could get rather disruptive in a group) but an ordinary soldier (Unterfeldwebel) who developed some doubts abouts certain "elements" within party and reich. Thus he would have worked with the resistance to undermine certain actions he considers wrong and for well, ... other reasons ;) (part of backstory and character abilites) and would of course be used/manipulated by the resistance in other matters.

Hope this clears up my last post post!


Btw, I hope you don't mind: It's

Blitzkrieg und


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I'm interested in joining, if you are still accepting players, but I don't have GURPS WWII. I do however have the Basic Rulebook and GURPS High Tech (which covers WWII firearms), so think I might be able to swing it. If your cool with having a player without GURPS WWII, then I'll post a character concept.


First Post
Ok, so the Concept

Name: Arthur MacGregor
Place of Birth: Castlebay, Scotland
Date of Birth:1920
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 178
Height: 5'9" 1/2
Weapon of Choice: Fists, Feet.

Father: Daniel MacGregor
Daniel was a simple fishermen living in the Small Town of Castlebay scotland. It was there were he became a man, meet his wife, and would later start a family. In 1914 he wanted to help the UK in the Great War so he joined the Airforce. He learned to fly and became quite talented.

-More to be added later


Douane - I should spell check my german, grr. Yeah, sounds nice. I was starting off in Britain and planning on going more or less all over rather than sticking to France, but I think we can work that out (check email)

Macbeth - fine by me, if you want Templates or anything then let me know.


I'm in if I can have a little time to get my character whipped up. I'm not very familiar with the Gurps rules, but I'll do my best.


I'm happy with people taking the time they need, its not like anyone has a character RIGHT NOW that is itching to start.

For reference the relevent stuff I have is:
Basic Set
Compendiums 1 & 2:
Iron Cross (Germany)
Grim Legions (Italy)
Hand of Steel (Commandos & Spec Ops)
Spec Ops
Wierd War II (Highly unlikely to be used, maybe divergent history but that is it)

I also have Return to Honour, though I have no idea where it is right now and have misplaced my copy of High-Tech, so I am scheduled to replace that...

For reference I'll stick up some possible character archetypes, in case anyone wants ideas:

- "Demolitions Expert". Almost anyone can blow things up, but you do it with style, finesse and to maximum effect with the minimum effort. The greatest exemplar of this type is Corporal Miller from "The Guns of Navarone"

- "Sniper". Handy either as support or as a one man distraction / harassment. Best known cinematic examples: Vassili Zaitsev from "Enemy at the Gates" & Pvt Jackson from "Saving Private Ryan."

- "Free <Insert Occupied Nation here>"*. Doesn't need to worry about passing as a native, because they are one and so often have local knowledge to boot, and not lacking in motivation either. Often of high rank in his native armed forces, but forced to take a demotion if in British uniform. The only one I can think of right now is Lt. Erik Bergman from "633 Squadron".

- "The American"*. While the original cinematic example of this type was Tyrone Power in "A Yank in the RAF" there is a strong cinematic tradition of freedom and democracy loving americans taking up arms against dictatorship, usually under British colours. Less common in literature or reality however, but perfectly justifiable.

*In fact, you could make a case for someone from almost anywhere being part of the team, freindly, neutral or enemy occupied.

- "Resistance Fighter." Most likely of all to be female, usually reliant on stealth, cunning, an ability to play an act and a smooth toungue more than brute force. Guerillas who stand and fight lose and lose badly to forces better trained and equipped to do the job. At this point in the war they are focused on intelligence gathering, intimidation of collaborators and "passive resistance". Well actually they are focused on staying alive, but when they have time to spare from that they do one of the other three.

Influential Films:

Guns of Navarone - probably the closest to the style I had in mind. Their MO, the characters and the "reality" are spot on (I don't care if you are a PC, if your leg breaks you are in big trouble...)

Honourable mentions:

Where Eagles Dare - Overpowered against what I was planning, but flavoursome.

Force 10 from Navarone - Not as good as the first film, but worth it for seeing the difficulties of operating in an environment where your allies can be almost as unco-operative as the enemy.

That's all for now...


Sniper is fine, but remember its September 1940 and the Americans aren't in the war for another 14 months (of course, he could easily be there unofficially). I can bump the timeline foward people want, I just chose autumn 1940 as a moment when there are still a lot of chips in play and sides haven't been fully decided yet...


The deadline for characters is the day after everybody else finishes...

Seriously, that's about it. A few people have said they are unfamiliar with GURPS, so I do not expect C Gen to be quick. Currently I would be aiming to start end of next week, maybe earlier with the first breifing session if everybody has character concepts they want to flesh out when they know what the mission is.

In fact, I might post what the first mission I had in mind is, just so people could taylor the characters for it, if that's what people want and think it would help. I was prepared to taylor missions to PCs, but if people want the other way round...


If you end up moving the time frame forward, I'll play a U.S. Army Sniper. If not, I'll play a sniper of whatever nationality fits with the game. :)


First Post

Really Mad...lost Everything I Just typed Simplifying some things, such as Fathers History.

I Have Basic Gurps, WWII Book, Hands Of Steal, High Tech, Time Travel, Martial Arts, and maybe a few others.

I'll put up Bg after Stats approved or tomorrow which ever comes first :)

Here We Go
Name: Arthur MacGregor
Place of Birth: Kyo, Japan
Date of Birth:1920
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 178
Height: 5'10" 1/2
Weapon of Choice: Katana.

ST 11 [10]
DX 15 [60]
IQ 11 [10]
HT 10 [0]

Swing 1d + 1
Thrust 1d-1 (Hand to Hand - 1d+1)

Dodge: 6
Parry: 9 (two-handed 12)
Block: N/A

Combat Speed: 6.25

Will: 11
Vision: 11
Hearing: 11
Taste/Smell: 11
Fright: 11

Fit [5]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Danger Sense [15]

Extremely Hazardous Duty [-20]
Chummy [-5]
Ham [-5]

Speaks With and Odd Scottish - Japanese Accent [-1]
Quotes Long Dead Warriors [-1]
Makes small-talk with foes in battle [-1]


Katana - Cut sw+2 (1d+3) (2-Handed 1d+4)

Revolver - Enfield No 2 Mark 1 (.38, Double Action) - cr 2D-1
(The Guns Other Stats as per WWII book)

Skills Score
Jumping 15 [1]
Acrobatics 16 [8]
Katana 18 [16]
Fast-Draw/Katana 16 [2]
Guns/Pistol/TL6 16 [1]
Karate 13 [1]
Language - English 11 [0 - Native Langauge]
Language - Japanese 10 [1]
Fast-Talk 10 [1]
Diplomacy 10 [2]
Escape 14 [2]
Sleight of Hand 15 [4]
Pickpocket 13 [1]
Camouflage 12 [2]
Stealth 16 [4]
Driving/Automobile/TL6 14 [1]
Piloting/Single Engine/TL6 13 [1/2]
Bicycling 14 [1/2]

To understand the complicated and strange man Arthur MacGregor is, you must first understand the interesting man his father was. Daniel MacGregor was born into a simple fishing family, On a Scottish island, in 1896. In 1914 he was well on his way to becoming a simple, yet successful fishermen, with a newly wed beautiful young wife …that was before The Great War.

Daniel MacGregor felt it necessary for him to become a part of the war, and with his odd fascination of the few planes he had seen, the Air force seemed the way to go. Dan left home, sad, excited, but most of all freighted.

After Aviation training, what an amazing pilot Daniel MacGregor became. One could write a 300-page novel on his exploits just during the two years his served in the war. This isn’t about Daniel MacGregor, but about his son. From the years 1917-1918, Dan shoot down over 60 observation balloons, and just shy of 3 dozen enemy aircraft. These accomplishments gained him a small fortune and near celebrity status in the UK and large parts of France and Germany.

Daniel MacGregor returned to his town of Castlebay, Scotland to a proud wife, and to large numbers of people wanting to meet and talk to the famous war ace. This was no good for Daniel; with the fame he had gained it would be hard to return to his simple fishing life anywhere in Europe. That’s why in 1919 he set his sights east – To Japan.

Daniel MacGregor and his now pregnant wife Lillian, using Daniel’s small fortune gained in the war arrived in Otsuki, Japan. He, after a minor language difficulty was able to resume his simple but pleasant fishing life style by early 1920.

Enough about Daniel MacGregor for now – he’ll be important again later. Now onto Arthur MacGregor. In March of 1920, Arthur Macgregor was born. His mother quite unfortunately died in childbirth. Nonetheless his father was extremely happy he still had someone of his family here in Japan.

Arthur was a healthy baby, an as most babies nothing extremely eventful happened during his first 7 years of life. He was taken care of by his dad (Daniel MacGregor for those who forgot) and by a Japanese elderly neighborly couple.

When Arthur turned seven, his father did two things, First he started taking him out with him on the fishing boats, not to really teach him much – yet, but more so he could see the sights etc. He also told him he was to go and make friends. Arthur was lucky, he spoke decent English (from his father, who made it necessary) and decent Japanese (mainly from the elderly couple and a little from his father). His father also enrolled him in a more formal education to teach him, and to hopefully make friends. His father did a lot of Home schooling for skills such as reading English and other skills he would not learn in the deficient Japanese village school system.

Making Friends went extremely poorly for young Arthur. Most other children were afraid of him because he wasn’t like them, he was Scottish. His body was bigger, and his eyes different. So, as far or friends of School nothing important would happen until Arthur was 11 years old. (Or 4 years latter…. depends on how you look at it).

One day walking home from school, three boys who had a particular dislike for the Scott (Arthur) decide it would be a good idea to jump him and beat him up badly. As Arthur turned a corner the three boys jumped from a bush, holding bamboo sticks. Arthur knew this was bad news, and tried to run. Sadly for him his stumbled over a rock and was surrounded.

The boy began to say nasty things to him in Japanese. Arthur tried to stand again but one boy gave him a whack in the legs with his bamboo stick. Two of the boys picked him up an held him to a tree, as the third boy gave him a hard crack across his chest. Luckily for Arthur it seemed nothing had broke. As world spun for Arthur as he feel to the ground blinded by pain, he heard the sound of a bamboo stick hitting another.

“This boy is not your enemy!” an angry voice said in Japanese.

Looking up Arthur saw a middle-aged Japanese man in purple robes. He himself had a bamboo stick, and his was inches above Arthur’s back, blocking one of the boys. Arthur looked at the man, he wore purple robes, had black hair the was only just beginning to turn gray, a thin mustache and wide eyes.

At his side was a long curved blade, in a black sheathe. Arthur gulped when he saw this, and the boys all quickly dropped their sticks, turned, and ran like mad away from Arthur and the man.

The man also dropped his stick and extended his hand to Arthur. “My name is Toyoko Mitsumi, I believe you are the Scottish Fishermen’s son, Arthur are you not?” As he helped Arthur up from the ground the boy nodded.

“Help me…” Arthur moaned.

“You want to be strong?” Toyoko asked half grinning.

“Teach me how to use a blade…please” Arthur asked half realizing how odd that sounded, but he wasn’t thinking straight as his chest still burned with pain.

“A blade?” The Toyoko began. “ Before you become you strong in the blade you must become strong here,” he pointed to his head, “The mind.”

Arthur nodded. “So you will help me?”

Toyoko sized Arthur up. “You have potential, I will teach you what I know, meet me after classes tomorrow, my residence is that small house down the road next to the ocean, I’d say about an hours walk from your house and about a half hour from your house.”

So that’s how it began. That’s how at 11 Arthur began his quest to become a modern “Samurai”. Him and Toyoko developed a deep bond. Arthur grew in the mind quickly, and physically he began to put on a little weight and tighten up his body into lean firm muscles. He read books…many books that Toyoko acquired for him. The Art of war by Sun Tzu, Hagakure (The book of the Samurai) by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, among others.

As for Arthur’s father, he was happy his son was developing positively, his body was become stronger, his mind, keener, and his manners more refined, at times though He joked around a lot, taking things very humorously. This was probably just Arthur’s way of dealing with his lack of friends and feeling of not really belonging.

When Arthur Turned 15 Toyoko presented him with a Katana. Saying his training was coming to an end. Arthur replied, “I haven’t learned how to fight with blade…just with rocks, and my body…”

Toyoko laughed. “Oh but you have.”

Arthur nodded considering that. Needless to say Toyoko trained Arthur vigorously with the blade. An Arthur spent all of his free time training himself. Until the blade was one with his body.

As far as swords were concerned it wasn’t amazing, but it was decent. It had a black and sliver handle as well as a curved single edged blade, and was overall 36”. Arthur cherished it.

At 17, in 1937 (for those who haven’t been following) Arthur’s father sensed worldwide problems on the rise, and decided he wanted to go back to Scotland. He packed his things, and told Arthur to make ready for a trip. Arthur gave farewell to Toyoko and was off.

On the long trip home Daniel explained to his son of his past life, in the Great War, and why he fled his homeland to seek refuge in Japan. Daniel figured he would be a forgotten hero by now or at least he hoped. Arthur was amazed at the stories and proud of his father.

When they returned home things were very much similar to how Arthur had left them almost 20 years ago. He once again became fishermen. With a Second World War on the rise, Daniel decided to see how his child fared at flying. He rented a small-outdated plane and took Arthur up 3 times. Arthur did quite well, and with his father’s training was on his way to becoming a full-fledged pilot.

The fourth time up though…something was wrong. There was something wrong. The plane wasn’t fully operational. Daniel relased this, and knew it was very bad news. “Bail!” he said as he and Arthur jumped from the unstable plane. It mysteriously nose dived and exploded in mid air seconds latter. Meanwhile Arthur and Daniel parachuted to safety. Well, would’ve been safe if Dan didn’t get himself caught on a tree and snapped his neck.

Arthur was horrified. He stared for a long time. The only family he knew he had…and now he was dead. He sunk into the earth and nearly broke out crying. He wandered around for 2 days and finally returned home. A week latter World War II broke out.

Since Daniel MacGregor’s death Arthur had no more interest in being a pilot he was nearly broken. He had no friends, and he couldn’t even take this lightly. He fished for a little while, an empty person. At night he trained himself more feverishly then ever for unknown reasons.

One day in June 1939, Arthur received a phone call from some army organization saying they have been watching him since he was a child, and they wanted him in on some covert operation or unit of some sort.

Having nothing left, wanting friends, wanting to take his frustrations out, could do nothing but agree. So his training began...
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G Wolf:

Be nice if you could put the point costs up so I can check back, but yep looks fine.

1) A Katana is a really obvious weapon, and not very concealable if you are wandering around covertly. Its fine to take the skill, it just might be sub-optimal to actually use it.

2) You might want some other gun skills.

3) If he was an RAF pilot you will need to buy military rank at at least level two (Flight Sergeant) and get some skills to augment Piloting, eg: Aviation, Gunner, Electronic Operations

4) If he hasn't been flying, explain why (Fighter Command are really short of pilots by this point). Perhaps he is a former Fairey Battle pilot, which fits in nicely:



American is fine, but he wouldn't be in the US army. Officially, he could be:
British, Australian, South African, Canadian, New Zealand, India (and British India covers about 4 or 5 modern countries), anywhere of about half of Africa or the Caribbean or Free: Polish, French, Belgian, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish or Czech. I can't think of any more right now but I am sure I've missed some...

Anyone obviously non- European qualifies for social stigma however.