D&D 5E Hadozee Gliding


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where I agree partialy can't you just as easily have it be "for every 5ft you fall (round down) you can move 10ft as a glide" and still not need to do math? "Your 67ft up, so you fall 67ft that mean you can glide 130ft"

If you wanted to cut the glide distance by more than a factor of two, sure.

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That glide ablity text feels like it's missing some qualifying text that should have been there and the way it is written now woefully at odds with the (up to now) normal way of movement abilities.

I also really don't see why glide is faster than flight (which btw can also glide).
It should be limited to 30ft horizontal movement per rnd.


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I mean you can change the number that wasn't the point. I am saying you can make the math just as simple and keep it at 5ft

That is only simpler if you are handling it as an atomic action. If you are instead trying to figure out how far you can go (which everyone's going to do first), the math isn't simplified.

I wonder if this is the issue of how falling works... you can fly 30 but you can fall 400ft

The wording does leave open the question of hovering - it says you can move 5 feet for every 1 foot you descend. Do you get to choose to not descend n a given round?

If we note that descending isn't optional, then it becomes much different from flight.


Now if you're talking about Tortle Monks...


I mean, there are plenty of ways to stop the abuse just using the rules as is.
Standing high jumps are half of your 3+your strength modifier rounded down, which means 7 strength or lower can't do a standing jump,
If the character has a +1 modifier or higher, than a standing high jump is at least 2 ft, the jumping rules don't allow you to jump less than the full amount allowed to you ( since an Athletics check allows you to jump higher, I suppose a check there would allow you to jump lower, but this still gives a chance for failure). Jumping 2 ft means you glide 10 ft. This will activate falling damage of 1d6, which will force the Hazodee to use its reaction if it wants to land on its feet, and you can't jump from a prone position. Also any difficult terrain, including potentially dead bodies, would require an acrobatics check or fall prone, ending the abuse.

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Here is the re-write I was playing with:

"If you descend at least 10', as an action you can move up to 5 feet horizontally for every 1 foot you descend in the air, at no movement cost to you, up to 150' total."

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