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D&D 4E Halivar's 4E auto-calculating character sheet v.2.03 (OpenOffice, Excel & blank PDF)

So here is my contribution.

If you change the first Misc box in the fort, reflex, and will defenses to race you could add these lines to that cell.

Fort- =IF(B12="Human",1,0)
Reflex- =IF(B12="Human",1,0)
Will- =IF(OR(B12="Human",B12="Eladrin"),1,0)

This will autocalculate the effect of race on defenses.

If you add these lines to the Class box for each defense you can autocalculate for each classes effect on defenses.

Fort- =IF(AO9="Fighter",2,IF(NOT(OR(AO9="Cleric",AO9="Warlock",AO9="Wizard")),1,0))
Reflex- =IF(AO9="Rogue",2,IF(NOT(OR(AO9="Fighter",AO9="Cleric",AO9="Warlord", AO9="Wizard")),1,0))

Will- =IF(OR(AO9="Wizard",AO9="Cleric"),2,IF(NOT(OR(AO9="Fighter",AO9="Rogue",AO9="Ranger")),1,0))

These will just calculate for you if you enter your race and class in the appropriate boxes. I have attached a mod of your excel sheet to test if you like.


  • Halivar's 4e char sheet 1.5.xls
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Class defense adjustments will be handled by drop-down selectors, which reference named tables on a data sheet. For races... I haven't decided what to do, yet. That much I may have the user enter, simply because I cannot anticipate every race a player may want to play from the MM.


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Racial Pulldown

I created something for the whole racial pulldown bit. If you like I could email to you (no clue how to do it otherwise)

I have also created a racial pulldown menu and a class pulldown menu. Both will autocalculate defense boni and HP stuff, and the race pulldown menu adds the racial features into the blanks in the racial features box. It also adds in the dwarf and dragonborn HP/Healing Surge stuff to the right fields, adds languages known, speed, and vision. Just figured that all the things that were the result of choices and not actual choices should be filled in automatically. Choices from a limited set should be given in pulldown menus.


  • PrecociousApprentice's Mod Character Sheet.xls
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Overall, I think this look like a very nice sheet, I like the layout.
There is of course still a lot of work to do and I would like to join. I have done some calculating sheets previously (I think my Earthdawn sheet had everything covered; it was a much smaller game than 4e will quickly become). But it has been a while and an earlier version of Excel.

Now I wonder where the text for the drop-down boxes is hidden and how do you make them "text-level" rather than "graphics-level"? There seems to be something I have missed!


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I was playing around with the idea of auto-updating power cards.

Sheet 2 and Sheet 3 now accomplish this.

Input the Power Template into Sheet 2, it will then take your stats and automatically generate an accurate version of the power in Sheet 3.

I made a minor adjustment to the Weapon Damage cells. I had to break it up so that you can calculate things like 2[W].


  • Saben Power Sheet 1.1.xls
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Fantastic, PrecociousApprentice! Can I steal this?

PS: Saben, stop reading my mind! I plan on doing something a lot like this, but with drop-downs. Also, on your front sheet, you will be able to list under "basic attacks" any weapons or at-wills you may have (selectable in a drop-down).
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I was considering doing a drop down of powers. But I figure each class has close to 100 Powers. I really wouldn't want to program each and every power into it.

That'd be a good eventual goal, but in the meantime having to write the power specifics once and have it relevant as you level up is a happy compromise.


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Well, the idea is that on sheet 3, players will have the opportunity to enter their own powers. On sheet 1, there are four spaces for "attacks", with drop-downs to select their four-most used attacks, be they weapons or powers.


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All racial mods

maybe you want to take a peak at this & incorporate it how you wish.


  • Chosen Race Mods.xls
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On CharSheet1, cell P20 needs to be changed from Z36 to R36 to correctly generate Init. Otherwise all the changes look great. Will play with it some more to see if there is anything else.

Thanks again for a great sheet.

Steal away Halivar. That is what I posted it for. This seems like a very fun collaboration. I figured that I would post in this thread so that you knew that my mods were for looting.

I am currently working on a generic power card in excel. It will have drop down menus for all the keyworded stuff. I'll post when done. Probably won't be autocalculating, but will allow you to generate cards.

Edit: Here is my latest stuff. The character sheet has a sheet that has a generic power template. It is not autocalculating, but it does have drop downs for all the generic stuff on a power card. It should be printable to 3x5 cards. All of the cells with a _ in them are drop downs, and all the others are open for entering text. Maybe we could edit them some way to add in the autocalculate feature that is up thread.


  • PrecociousApprentice's Mod Character Sheet (version 1.1).xls
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I love the sheet!

If I may be so bold and forgive me if it is present but I did not see it: it would be very handy to have a space for Crit Damage to be listed.


So here are my mods so far. I have incorporated a lot of ideas from other peoples work, and I rewrote my original mods to make it easier to customize the sheet for individual campaigns. There is an opening sheet that makes it easy to generate ability scores that uses some work done by EnWorld members with optimizing point buy. There is a sheet with armor and shield stats. There is a sheet with weapon stats. There is a races sheet that will allow DMs to easily add new races. There is a classes sheet that will allow DMs to easily add new classes.

So far these are the areas that are pretty complete.

Ability Scores on the main sheet and the generation sheet
Hit Points
Race Features
Languages Known
Armor and Shields

Areas that could use work

Races sheet could be filled in with MM races
Classes sheet could be filled in with PPs and EDs
Work could be done on a generic, printable to 3x5 cards, power card template
CharSheet1 Attack Workspace
CharSheet1 Damage Workspace
CharSheet1 Basic Attacks could be fleshed out
CharSheet1 Class/Path/Destiny Features
Feats could be added and integrated
Maybe an Equipment/Encumberance function
Anything else:)

Gotta get some sleep now. Here is the file.


  • PrecociousApprentice's Mod Character Sheet (version 1.3).xls
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PA, that's really great. I think I'll stick to putting the book data on one sheet though, only because most people won't be editing it on a day to day basis. The initial stat page is awesome.

Here's my 2.0-pre2, with a finished 2nd page. Next up is powers. Once I get 2.0 finished, I'm going to start working on a 2.1 that converges some of the efforts from other people on this thread.

Great work, guys!

Also, does anyone think there ought to be artwork in the background or for logos, like a nice, light pencil sketch? I'm not very adept at that sort of thing, or I would do it myself.


  • Halivar's 4e char sheet 2.0-pre2.zip
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Halivar said:
Also, does anyone think there ought to be artwork in the background or for logos, like a nice, light pencil sketch? I'm not very adept at that sort of thing, or I would do it myself.

Nah, keep it clean. Some color wouldn't hurt, though.