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I am the mysterious professor.
I have learned recently the city that serves as the seat for my county has not one but two theaters for plays, concerts, stand up, and improv. It's a big little town, and the traffic to go with it. Everytime I go there I learn something new about it. I don't go there often. I really should change that. There's so much to explore and discover.

Last night I started thinking of a stage name for myself. I don't know if I should share the name. It's too telling. I told my mom this morning and she liked it. It tips the hat to my dad. I thought that was a nice touch.

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For the past hour or so the police has cordoned off the area around my apartmenthouse and the house next to it due to an alarm of some suspicious item. The bombsquad parked their bombwagon right outside my bedrom window (I am on grund floor)... They did not give any information to us who lives here...

So they have started an investigation about "attempted public destruction" according to the local newspaper. They have lifted some of the cordoned off area, but not all, as of yet. A bit too close for comfort.

edit: The suspicious item was at the basement-entrance to my house. I live on the other side of the house (3 proper entrances on the main side). Now everything is lifted, but no more news about what exactly it was that they found.

Edit 2: according to the newspaper, the suspicious item was a gasflask prepped with a small dose of explosives, but there were no risk it would detonate...
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That’s me right now, after my dinner at a favorite Tex-Mex place, having eaten corn chips & salsa, a beef taco, and cheese enchiladas in corn tortillas topped with con carne, a side of beans, and poaching some of Mom’s onions from her shrimp fajitas.
So that's what that was. I thought it was just another little fracking earthquake.

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I damn near pooped in one of my own hats today. Literally.

I have a BB cap from Guitars 4 Vets, a charity I like, and it has a Velcro sizing strap. Unbeknownst to me, some of the Velcro had latched onto my t-shirt hem right over my butt as I was lounging on my bed.

As I went to use the facilities, the bill of the cap just barely caught on the toilet seat and pushed into the exposed small of my back, which was quite startling. If it hadn’t hung up on the seat…

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