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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
And talking about, @Ulfgeir ’s is the frozen drunk drowning language. I know a poem in swedish. It goes:
Ö, ö, ö.
Hö, hö, hö.
Mö, mö, mö.
Hö ö!
Hö ös mö.
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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Is that a hækü?
Maybe. Did you mean Häikü*? Kind of. You are supposed to perfom it in a pondering manner. Translation:

Island, island, island.
Grass, grass, grass.
Maiden, maiden, maiden.
Grass Island!
The Maiden of Grass Island.

*Neither swedish or finnish use ü, but both have ä and ö, by the way.
Both also have Å and thus we jointly operate the Stargate…
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Limit Break Dancing
Reminds me of a song that my grandmother used to sing. Apparently it's Appalachian?

Maersa lee dotes
an dosa lee dotes
an liddleams leetivey
a kiddle leetivey too
wouldat chew?

Mares will eat oats
and does will eat oats
and little lambs will eat ivy
a kid will eat ivy too,
wouldn't you?


Something's different. I can't put my finger on it, but something is definitely different. 🤔



I realized that I'm hate listening to a podcast. I started listening with the honest intention to listen and understand how the other side sees things. Recently, they've been playing speeches from a conservative conference. I realized I understand the words being said, but they made no sense. None. I would listen trying to comprehend what was being said. It was just so out there, I couldn't. I'd have a puzzled look on my face the entire time. I worried it might freeze that way.
The only things that made sense were the bigoted comments from religious leaders, politicians , and those only made me angry and sad. I really want to understand but I just can't make sense of any of it. It's worse than listening to a language you don't understand. Maybe it shouldn't make sense?
I'm not trying to be political here. This is personal introspection. I keep hoping to understand others. I've stopped listening to that podcast. I don't think I can learn from it except hate.

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