Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within

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I learned nerd for this.
I could tell early on that Young Justice wasn't just a cartoon. The stories are a lot more grown up and detailed than I expected. The Reach story line really interesting.


I learned nerd for this.
I got one of these sets of misfit dice. It comes with card to give the set a name. I'm going to name the set after Mega.

I realize depending on his state of mind, Mega may see it as an insult. I think it's a fitting tribute. The Hive is an island of misfits among misfits.


I learned nerd for this.
This is me more often than not. But it's currently 1 PM instead. 🙁


Or Fox News


I'm looking at an article titled "Top 35 Really Bad Movies That Are Ridiculously Fun To Watch"...

How the hell does Excalibur qualify as a "Really Bad Movie"??? :mad:

This is the caption they had for it...

Excalibur (1981)​

Fun fact about this movie: Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart acted in it. However, that didn’t save it from being a complete disaster given their flamboyant acting and the crazy story they told to the public. Now, this has become a movie to watch if you want to laugh out of cringe or spend an afternoon learning how you shouldn’t make a film.

...Seriously? :rolleyes:
It's the mythical story of King Arthur, and they're complaining about "flamboyant acting" and "crazy story"?

I have no idea what their criteria for "really bad" was, but it seems to pretty much just be spouting random crap about a lot of fairly popular movies, since their list includes The Greatest Showman, Meet Joe Black, and Armageddon (they complain about an unrealistic plot)...


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Z̸̩̖̩͑͝͝a̶̛͔̼l̶̡͙̲̥͇͙͗̈̎̿̃̚ͅĝ̷̡̡̢͓̓̌̈̃o̵̥̦͎̍̔͝!̴̣͓̮̆̈̈́̈́̐́̄ ̵̡͉͍̪͙̳̮̽̐̀̆̌̌̕H̶̨̗̦̹̃̿̉͋͜ȩ̵̞̤͈̞̺̀ ̵̧̳̰̭̭̗̍̔̍̃͊͝ç̶͍̮̪͑͛͘ȍ̶̠̝̤̟̥̳̮ḿ̵̱͈̇̄̔͋̈ẽ̶͙̭̪͙̮͋̓͑s̶̲̳͖̓̽̿̏͝͝!̸̺̠̟̳͉̓̃̿̽̅


I learned nerd for this.
What's more epic than a pirate mounted on a llama?



Maybe a pirate with a canon mounted to his wheelchair?



Misfit dice.


I'm a lot annoyed with this M'arzz story line. The M'artian N'aming convention is giving me a headA'che.

Way back in the day, I knew someone trying to get a game of Mayfair's DC Heroes rpg going - I jokingly told them I'd only play if I could be a Martian and name my character M'Guy... Another friend immediately jumped on it and said she wanted to be a brother-and-sister crimefighting duo and name her character M'Girl.

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