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Has anyone ever created a Feces Golem?

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Yes and I used it in a campaign I put together. It's called an offal golem. Which also amused me from the difficulty of the encounter.....the players referred to it everafter as the 'awful' golem.

I'm not sure where I found the stats, but it was a monster I found on some website that someone else had put together.

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Tuzenbach said:
Has anyone ever created a Feces Golem?

Nope but my good friend and player, William Ronald, lives in constant fear of the Reluctant Heroes being assaulted by Gas Giants... :D

Teflon Billy

I did. In my "The Last City" campaign, The River of Filth is pretty much a fixture, having replaced most of the normal thoroughfares through the destroyed neighbourhoods as the main means of travel (this despite being people with Otyughs, Trash Ogres and...yes...Crap Golems)


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I created a Filth Golem, also called a :):):):) Golem, which was made of congealed feces and other matter. Had a breath weapon consisting of a spray of sewage water and could cause disease as a secondary effect when causing damage with its fists. Unfortunately I don't have its stats on me right here.

Raging Epistaxis

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Hmm. Can't say I've heard of a Feces Golem before this, but it brings up all sorts of possibilities regarding secondary infections and infestations resulting from a successful attack by the creature - and even resulting from a successful attack by the PC's. The splatter effect :eek:

Not to mention the possibility of nausea or weakness from the overwhelming stench of the creature. :confused:

I wonder if an earth elemental was summoned in a midden or similar sewage environment, wouldn't it effectively be made of the materials of the environment? Elemental with disease damage, etc etc. I'll have to ruminate on that one...



Hmmm... I just got off the pot in the bathroom, it seemed like it still moved, so I guess I just created one.... or does that not count???

(on a side note: what kind of wizard/cleric is a sick enuff puppy to want to create such a thing....)

Some special powers come to mind:

Cloud of noxious gas (causes fainting and temporaty Con loss)
Sonic (fart) attack (can cause buildings to crumble)
Spew doodoo (stickiness creates a penalt to Dex)
Jet of diarrhea (sp?) (also called 'diarhea disaster')
Swallow whole / engulf (eeew!)

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