D&D 5E Has D&D spoiled you on other RPGs?


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No. Kinda the opposite. 5E goes a different direction than I like so it’s pushing me towards other games and making me appreciate their not-5E-ness more than ever.

What pulled me in and kept me in D&D is the things it does well. Then you look at the thing it doesn't do as well or doesn't do at all; and you wonder what a game that does would look like?

It made me interested in other propositions.

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No, but not pushing me away either. Great system to get the next generation of gamers hooked. I still prefer Rolemaster for Fantasy, GURPS for Space, Shadowrun for CyberPunk, Champions for SuperHeroes, Call of Cthulhu for Horror, Torg for Weird, and GURPS for Genre Mashups.


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Quite the opposite. I find I enjoy PF1 for fantasy the most at the moment. I also like DCC and Forbidden Lands for old school feel. I run a bit of Travller for a hard sci-fi that is flat without massive leveling. I'm looking at getting some Battletech going soon. Cant wait for my Bladerunner RPG. On and on, and im not sure when I'll get back to D&D.


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Absolutely not. Quite the opposite. 5e being what it is, and so thoroughly repudiating what I loved about 4e, has pushed me to give other systems a shot. I've played SR5e and a handful of other systems as a result.


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From 1977-1990, the only RPGs I had played were D&D, Traveller, Champions/HERO, Stormbringer and In the Labyrinth/The Fantasy Trip. There we’re also boardgames like Star Fleet Battles, Starfire, O.G.R.E./G.E.V., and a bunch of Metagames, Task Force & TSR minigames.

In 1990, I joined a game group that was focused on HERO & GURPS- in fact, they would occasionally playtest SJG products. But they also played boardgames and RPGs, which opened my mind. Well, more like blew the doors off of it. By 1999, I had bought 150+ RPGs and tried somewhere around another 50. I culled back under 100 in 2005 or so.

That said, D&D- specifically 3.5Ed- is my #3 favorite game behind HERO and Mutants & Masterminds.


I like the concept of "D&D Fantasy." I love the idea of crawling into dark, monster-infested hell holes and coming out richer, stronger, but not necessarily with the entire party in one piece, but 5e doesn't do what I thought it would regarding that. DCC's filled that hole tho, but I'd gladly try out non D&D-like fantasy games if I see any mechanics I like. I also want to give PF2 a try, since it looks like it does what I like in terms of character customization, but in a much different way than DCC.


No. Kinda the opposite. 5E goes a different direction than I like so it’s pushing me towards other games and making me appreciate their not-5E-ness more than ever.
Exactly what I was going to post.

I was a diehard D&D 3E/4E player. Bought 5E as soon as it came out. Played for a few years but started getting tired of houseruling it into oblivion. Came across a free copy of Castles and Crusades and realized 90% of the work was already done for me! From there I slowly got into the OSR and haven't bought a 5E product in years.

Except LevelUp that is. :)

Jack Daniel

The OSR has spoiled me. I never have to leave the OD&D-compatible ecosystem for any reason (except maybe for a Ghostbusters RPG, but I hope to fix that soon myself). Sci-fi? Between X-Plorers, Hulks & Horrors, White Star, and Stars Without Number, I'm spoiled for choice — I never have to touch Star Frontiers or Alternity ever again. Present day? Skyscrapers & Sorcery, Ancient Mysteries & Lost Treasures, White Lies. Early modern? We've got Lamentations of the Flame Princess for 16th century, Miseries & Misfortunes for 17th century, A Ghastly Affair for 18th century, and Engines & Empires for 19th century (and also Freebooters specifically for pirates and a growing laundry-list of Wild West games — Blood & Bullets, Tall Tales BX, Gunslinger…). There's Gangbusters BX, Raiders! of the Lost Artifacts, Mutant Future, Flying Swordsmen, Beyond the Wall, Through Sunken Lands, The Hero's Journey, Wolves of God, and the list goes on. If I liked cyberpunk, I'd probably be aware of an OSR cyberpunk game too, and then I'd have one more reason than I already have for never touching Shadowrun.

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