D&D General Hasbro Pulse announces D&D Dicelings.

They also revealed a set of Marvel Legends scale figures for four of the characters (but not the Druid yet? Weird...) in that new Golden Archive series of theirs.

Haslab dragon? :unsure:
I have a feeling the Tiefling Druid's final presentation might be more Tiefling like than the first trailer

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I crit!

I didn’t realize they are action figure sized!


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I didn’t realize they are action figure sized!
For 13.99$ they better be :p

They're all up for preorder on Hasbro Pulse.


I could bet Hasbro team is dreaming with a dinobots, maximals and predators (Beast Wars) in a fantasy land, and the Visionaries as "guest artists". Or a crossover Transformers-Kaladesh(Magic Gathering).


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Based on how 'well' some of the Star Wars and Marvel ones have gone...

Good luck if so?

(mind as a Transformers fan, they just revealed Deathsaurus so, y'know. Going all in on that lad)
I think the big issue with the Marvel and Star Wars stuff is the Disney Premium. Look at that damn Ghost Rider car: It's worth almost TWO Deathsaurus for a giant car? There's probably less engineering and plastic than in a Voyager Class Transformers in there, no way an extra clear pastic tooling and some LED are worth the premium... it's gotta be Disney inteference.

Meanwhile, the Proton Pack went well, all the Transformers one got funded and the HISS Tank reached all its goal in a fraction of the time. Clearly the non-Disney stuff, ESPECIALLY in house stuff, feels more like a good value to collectors.

Though if you just want a collossal red dragon to drop on a battlemat? We got Transmetal 2 Megatron coming soon: Transformers Generations Legacy Series Leader Transmetal II Megatron

With some luck we'll be getting a Cryotek so you can get a Blue Dragon too, eventually.

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