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Hasbro won't back off from deauthorizing the OGL, and nor should they.

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While they may not care, many DMs will care. These are the people who buy the most product and run the games.
Yeah, I'm already not planning on running any more "learn to play D&D" sessions for the kids. And my own kid is a DM and is thinking about what system they want to switch their own game to.

One thing that Wizards hasn't considered is that every DM is a potential author/publisher. We all have our notes and our scenarios and our custom monsters and settings. Only a minority will actually do it, but many think about it. So a lot of us are probably naturally more sympathetic to the independent creators than the sales of 3rd party product might indicate.


I disagree that they are right (from a shareholder perspective) to deauthorize the OGL 1.0a. Look at the blow back they've received because of it. So far, it's been an absolute fiasco for them.

If I were Chris Cao, and I wanted to achieve his goals, I'd probably take the approach of boiling a frog. Leave the OGL 1.0a in place, but slowly move the D&D ecosystem far enough away from the original 5e rules that the 5e SRD becomes irrelevant to the new ecosystem. It would take longer, but they'd be able to build their walled garden with far fewer people noticing.

I feel a little gross having typed that.

As I opined here, and here, Hasbro will largely get what it wants and that will be potentially good for other ttrpgs, especially dnd-adjacent games. What Hasbro seems to want is a walled garden around dnd both as a game and as an IP. They'll get that, and other games will get disaffected fans.

Since we're speculating, my guess is that onednd will be profitable and fairly popular but will also be seen as kind of "uncool." The Nickleback of TTRPGs, if you will. This isn't even a new phenomenon, as dnd always thrived with the Munchkin audience who eventually outgrew it. 5e + stranger things made it seem retrocool, in part imo due to it being an analog and creative antidote to our more digital lives.

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