WotC Hasbro's Tabletop Is On The Up Again

After a disappointing 2023, latest earnings call from Hasbro shows tabletop games starting to recover.


After a disappointing 2023, with hobby channel sales struggling and a reported decline in Dungeons & Dragons, the latest earnings call from Hasbro, covering the first quarter of 2024, shows tabletop games starting to recover.

Total gaming sales (which includes everything from Magic: the Gathering to Monopoly) were up 6%, with Wizards of the Coast in particular showing strong growth of 7%.
  • Hasbro's overall revenues: -24%
  • Digital and licensed game sales: +14%
  • Overall tabletop gaming: +5%
  • Magic the Gathering: +4%
Overall, Hasbro showed a 24% drop in revenues, partly attributed to the sales of Hasbro's film and TV business. Tabletop sales, however, showed growth, led by Magic: the Gathering.

The report calls out the success of Baldur's Gate 3, and talks about new licensing agreements with video game studios Resolution Games and Game Loft, along with partnerships with companies like LEGO.

Magic: the Gathering is expected to be down in 2024 after a record 2024, with WotC's revenue expected to drop by 3-5%.

Also mentioned are "more exciting innovations from our D&D team later this year as we continue to scale D&D Beyond and expand the richness of tabletop gameplay to digital."

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bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
they confuse me with their reporting, sometimes they report them together (as WotC & digital), sometimes they break them out or at least just say ‘WotC’ ;)

On the actual slide it says WotC & Digital, so at least that one is clear
Sometimes it's Tabletop games (which can be Magic, Monopoly, D&D and Scrabble), sometimes it's D&D the game, sometimes it's D&D the Brand, sometimes it's WotC, sometimes its WotC + Digital Games.

They obfuscate while being truthful in a masterful way
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Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)


As Company Recovers from Post-Covid Issues
Posted by Milton Griepp on April 24, 2024 @ 2:15 pm CT

Hasbro’s total gaming sales, including Magic: The Gathering, were up for Q1 2024, as the overall company began to recover from post-Covid issues.

Hasbro total gaming sales, which include Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and the game products in the company’s consumer products segment (i.e., Monopoly et. al.), were up 6%, from $386.5 million in Q1 2023 to $408.0 million in Q1 this year. Magic: The Gathering sales (including digital) grew 4% to $237.9 million from $229.1 million in the year ago quarter.

Sales in the Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment were up 7%, from $295.2 million to $316.3 million, behind the segment’s blockbuster licensed games, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Monopoly Go!, and the growth in Magic: The Gathering.

Wizards of the Coast tabletop game sales (i.e., Magic: The Gathering plus Dungeons & Dragons) were up 5%, from $217.9 million to $228.2 million. The timing of Outlaws of Thunder Junction sales, some of which hit Q1 revenues, and the success of the Fallout set were cited as factors.

In the conference call, CEO Chris Cocks said that Magic: The Gathering tabletop sales were up about 4%, and since the overall tabletop sales in the segment were up 5%, there’s some indication that sales of Dungeons & Dragons on the tabletop were recovering from Q1 2023, when the OGL controversy was turning off long-term customers. We estimated that year over year sales of D&D were down substantially in 2023, due in part to the OGL issue (see “Hasbro Loses $1.06B in Q4”).

Magic: The Gathering “engagement,” which we interpret as largely referring to organized play participation, is back at pre-pandemic levels, Cocks said in the conference call.

Digital and licensed game sales in the WotC and Digital Gaming segment were up 14% in Q1, from $77.3 million in 2023 to $88.1 million in Q1 2024.

Operating profit in the segment exploded, up 60% to $122.8 million from $76.8 million in Q1 2023, behind the growth in digital licensing revenue and “cost management” (translation: layoffs, see “Cocks on Layoffs”). Operating profit margins in the WotC and Digital Gaming segment were 38.8% of sales for the quarter.

Hasbro’s overall revenues were down 24% for the quarter, from $1.0 billion in Q1 2023 to $757.3 million this year. Some of the decline was due to the fact that Hasbro included eOne revenues in Q1 2023, but did not in Q1 2024 (see “Lionsgate Closes on Hasbro’s eOne”). Without that change, company-wide sales declined 9%.

Sales in the consumer products segment (toys, mass games, etc.) were down 21%, due to declines in the category and lower closeout sales compared to Q1 2023, when the company was dumping excess inventory at higher rates.

Hasbro’s net earnings were $59.1 million in Q1 2024, compared to a $21.7 million loss in Q1 2023.

Hasbro declined to move its guidance for the year (which includes a predicted 3-5% decline in sales in the Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming segment) despite a relatively good quarter, indicating that its cautious predictions for the year have not changed, yet.

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