Have Githzerai always been jerks?


Pretty sure individuals can choose to be a jerk irrespective of alignment, and groups of individuals seem to have an even greater propensity to be jerks.

I mean, pretty much every humanoid group in D&D are jerks to somebody, Githzerai just take it to the next level and are jerks to everybody.

I'd say such equanimous treatment of others is well-suited to a Lawful alignment. ;)


Githzerai have even been jerks to other Githzerai from the beginning
I am so happy he got retconned out of existence in 5E and replaced with someone more appropriate

"Hey, Githzerai? Rather than give you a less interesting version of the Githyanki's leader, let's just get rid of him and use his name for someone else, aight?"


I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
Same. In vivid gnomish rapier glory. Generations from now, historians will mistake lowkey13 as an important figure in Paladin history.
This sounds like a bad Isaac Asimov short story.

"After the long nuclear winter, the few survivors emerged, and worshipped LOWKEY13 as patron saint of gnomish paladins based on their incomplete records ...."