Held in place with a dagger


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All that remains is a small scrap of paper, the majority having been ripped away. It's held in place by a plain enough looking dagger. A faint, not unpleasant smell lingers, but it's hard to say what of.
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A figure quietly walks by the boards with a mere glance, seemingly not interested. She pauses, back-steps once or twice, and looks again. It takes her a moment, pink eyes squinting softly to read this letter. She frowns, makes a mental note, then glances around her suspiciously. Within moments, she is gone as soon as she came.


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She pauses as she passes this tidbit of paper, prehaps the familiar scent causing her to linger such. She turns her young eyes to the board, letting them scan upon the words written on the paper. She bites her lip, frowns softly. Touching the paper breifly, as if making sure it is real she pauses just shy of ripping it down. With another head shake, she heads away in search of something....


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A sometime familiar face steps up to the board, and without bothering to read it, rips the paper from it's place, leaving only the dagger and a small scrap.

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