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Hell of a haul at my FLGS


So since I've stopped keeping current with D&D (I'm in year 7 of a B/X AD&D mashup campaign) I've been making fewer and fewer trips to my FLGS. I generally just go once every few months to check out their used section for old Judges Guild things, old modules, or extra copies of the B/X rules (I give them away to students).

Usually I'll either leave empty handed, or with one or two small things like old modules or the like. Well someone must have cleared out an attic or something because today I managed to get my hands on this:

Old D&D Haul.jpg

OD&D is the 7th printing so not ridiculously rare, but also not astoundingly expensive. The box is banged to hell, but I don't even think the books were ever opened. The City State is a 3rd printing and in fantastic shape too. I don't think anyone ever even played with these things. The copy of Chainmail has obviously seen some use, (it's a 5th printing) but damn...
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...you lucky, lucky sonuva B! I'm jealous. :( My books don't have a box, and I think I only have one of those JG books...

*some people have all the luck*...


Paul L. Ming


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As you said, they may not all be super rare, but it was indeed a rare haul. I'd visit my local hobby store more often if I thought there was even a decent chance at a find like that.

Anyway, congratulations on that incredible find.

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