D&D General What Is Your Dream 50th Anniversary Product?


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I vote for @EzekielRaiden 's idea.

But, if we don't get that, what I'd like to see is a few brand new well-designed* 1e-style standalone adventure modules (with detached covers with maps on!) for each edition; as in 2-3 for BX/BECMI, 2-3 for 1e, 2-3 for 2e, 2-3 for 3/3.5e, 2-3 for 4e, and 2-3 for 5/5.5e.

Along with that, a good and reasonably comprehensive all-in-one guide to converting material from any edition to any other, whether going up in edition number or down.

* - hey, I might as well shoot for the moon here, right? :)

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Personally, a set of books where each has updated stats for every published variant of a given creature type throughout the editions Maybe say dragon, fiend, giant, aberration?

My pie-in-the-sky 50th anniversary product is an alt edition of the new PHB with all old-school art. Easley cover, internal art all B&W pieces from Elmore, Easley, Darlene, Otus, Jeff Dee. No world where that happens, but I think it would be pretty darn cool.

I would like a new Dragon Magazine. Dungeon would be great as well, but some sort of articles that is not just an announcement for a new product or playtest material. Stuff that help develop campaigns and such.
Ah, a new Dragon magazine in print would make me happy indeed.


With the Darlene Map. Full size.
That would be lovely. And something that I think we could actually see, unlike my dream!

The 1-20 Vecna adventure, but I want it good. Like I want to read it and come away thinking, as a DM, this is going to be one of the best campaigns I've ever ran. I'm so tired of having to treat almost every 5E adventure as a toolkit because the adventure itself is mid. I'm not saying every adventure has to be my exact tastes, but I want to read the adventures and think to myself "That was a great read" and "This will be fun to DM" and not "I have to fix so much of this." I understand there will always be DIY elements but still.

An example adventure from this edition I really liked was the Lost Laboratory of Kwalish. It was a fun read, it gave good advice for how I can change the adventure, and while it wasn't perfect, it made me want to run it. I could see myself running it. I think maybe it's the advice that matters a lot, followed up by helping me think about how to run an adventure. Virtually every adventure path has, imo, great ideas in it. I love the War Machines of Avernus, the use of the Yuan-Ti in ToA, the Storm King's court in SKT. But all of these adventures are plagued with unfun railroading or, worse yet, unimaginative and boring fights. 5E should have curated combat design for every adventure combat. The monsters should always be interesting and work both old and new concepts into their mechanics. I am so sick and tired of fighting the same type of monster 5 at a time, and the monster itself is just another bite, claw, sword, whatever. For god's sake, just give me FUN combats in the adventures.

So, if Vecna delivers on that, I'll have my dream project!

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