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In my "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" game (I call it that for short hand, but it not exclusively the adventures in that book), before their current adventure, they had an offer to undertake a mission for the Prefect of Saltmarsh that they had to turn down to belatedly go help out a friend who had sent word that it was needed. The prefect was like, "Okay, but I hope you won't take it personally that I'm going to have to hire a different band of adventurers to do this mission. But do come back, we will need your help in the future."

Now that Alston and His Big Folk (as they call themselves) will soon be returning, I want to introduce that other group as a rival party. When the party returns to their favorite inn, they will find the other group getting feted and being the new local heroes. Furthermore, since the PC group is a gnome (leader), a tiefling, a half-orc and a human, I made the rival group three humans and a dwarf. The plan is for them to be more popular with some of the locals because they are humans (and the second most common people in town are dwarves) as opposed to the 'weirdos' in the group that has been hanging in town (even the human druid is looked at askance because he is a bit crude, smells like his whole life is Burning Man, and has a beard so long he tucks it in his belt).

Anyway, I want an appropriately bad-ass and regal name for this group. I probably will not stat them out as full characters, but just give them class-like abilities appropriate to how envision them in the way 5E makes easy. The class/level is just a guide to how I see them ability wise

Lavinia Titus, Battle Commander - Fighter 5 / Rogue 3 - [leader] former gladiator, tactical genius (N)
Persea Titus, Sharpshooter and Tracker -Ranger 4 / Cleric 3 - her ex-sister-in-law, now best friend - brains for everything else (NG)
Lorcan the Baritone - Barbarian 5 / Bard 2 - the barbarian who went to finishing school (CG)
Ofraer Bozlami - Dwarven Diviner 7 - quiet and speaks in portent and aphorisms (N)

I may give them a 5th member who is just a straight up cleric and make Persea more of a rogue. and/or also give them a sidekick/manservant - since the PCs have one.

I want this group to be rivals with future options of either teaming up or going head-to-head or both at different times - but they need a good name to really make them have a memorable impact. I do not want them to be "bad guys." I just want the possibility of working towards different ends or the same ends by different means.

I don't have any back story for them aside from "they come from the capital and are fancy and well-known" and the notes above, so feel free to suggest whatever in suggesting a name.

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The Gentleman Bastards, stolen from The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Make them all female. The Daughters of Destruction.

Hijos del Diablo (Sons of the Devil)

Sons of Orcus (god of the underworld, punisher of broken oaths)

The Free Company of Saltmarsh, formerly of Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep, and Neverwinter ("free company was often used by mercenaries; the idea was stolen from Broken Honour, a Warhammer novel)
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I ran Mummy's Mask in PF and in the beginning there are several groups being allowed to delve into an old necropolis. The PCs decided on The Dune Vipers. Pretty cool, until their rivals started calling them the Dung Wipers...

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