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Help me build a 1/2 dragon


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After having managed to splat an alarmning number of characters in permenant ways my new character will a fleshed out NPC we've been dealing with.

A a LG level 7 Human Half dragon fighter type (Total level 10 -3 for the template).

I have been dying constantly, I want to build a survivor.

Stats rolled 17,15,15,12,11,10

For the record we generally operate without much in terms of "Stuff" Our Level 12 Fighter has a +1 Chain Shirt and a +2 greatsword. And thats all....

This character will still be down quite a bit in relation to the party (10) in a party of 12's, however whe'll start with DM guides recommended 49K for a 10th level character, so she'll be glowing in comparison to the party.

For Fighter types I'm looking at Figher, Paladin, And our in house ranger, the Monte Cook Ranger with rogue progression for attack bonuses.

Rogue levels are possible, and I think I could get away with 1 level of sorc.

Known character back story:
Member of "The Hand" the 5 personal guards to the very LG king <on detached duty> so paladin would be likely

Suggestions for class choice, feats, items, much appreciated.

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Seems I pretty much have to go Paladin.

Now I could do Paladin with the level of Sorc. Fewer HP. especially since I'd start Sorc, but better saves, and a good number of 1st level spells <Truestrike + something else>

At that point the question is feats?

Any suggestions there?



You said you want a survivor, right?

Put the 17 in Con, the 15s in Str and Dex, and the 12 in Wis. If you're going to do the sorc/pal, move the 15 from Str to Cha. Go with a 1-handed weapon, heavy armor, and a shield. I'd personally drop the Sorcerer level, since the armor will get in the way of it. You'll get some spells being a paladin, and those won't get in the way. Keep that 15 in Dex though, it's for reflex saves, not AC. Use your two stat increases on Con and Dex. If you switched the 15 from Str to Cha, get weapon finesse and use a rapier, then get improved crit at 9th level. Expertise to switch attack to AC is also great for a survivor type, but with your abilities it might be tough to get. Dodge is a maybe, it depends on whether your DM throws a lot of weenies at you or just one big monster.

Hope that helps,


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ichabod said:
not AC. Use your two stat increases on Con and Dex.

Does a 10th level character <3 levels for template, 7 character levels> Get a second stat increase? Do levels spent on templates count for feats and stat increases?

As for finesss and such you are completely forgetting the stat mods on 1/2 dragons. witha +8 mod to strength the lowest strength I could theorhetically have is an 18, which would still be as hig or higher than any dex I could have.

The 17 would probably be set to charisma, increased to an 18 and with the +2 template mod would be 20. Thats +5 on all saves, and 35 points of lay on hands.



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No, you get stat increases with your actual level. So he gets 1 for fourth level and another at next level (8th).

Dwarven Half Dragon (Gold) Paladin 7.
Str: 23 (15+8 half dragon)
Dex: 10
Con: 22 (17+4th level increase+half dragon+dwarf)
Int: 13 (11+2 half dragon)
Wis: 12
Cha: 15

if you fight a lot of humanoids: Expertise, Improved Trip, Improved Disarm (Use a flail)
else: Expertise, Power Attack or Lightning Reflexes, WF Scimitar or Falchion (So you can get Improved Critical at 9th level)

If you have defenders of the faith you probably want to go with the templar prestige class. Mettle, Weapon Specialization, spells...


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I wouldn't bother with a level of sorc - if you want a survivor, put him in heavy armour, give a decent Cha stat for the lay on hands and save bonuses of the paladin, and have a decent stat in Con. Probably put your highest stat as strength though (a kinda kill them before they kill you reasoning behind this one). If you suit up in heavy armour then you don't *need* a very high dex. Your divine grace saves bonus should help you out on the Reflex save front where you might otherwise be deficient with a lower Dex.


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Could a human 1/2 dragon take Multi attack? Claw Claw Bite?

Also, anyone have any experience with the knockdown feat?

I was thinking going Expertise, Improved trip, knockdown.

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