D&D General Help me come up with an in-character sales pitch!


I will be playing a plasmoid alchemist in the Spelljammer game that will be happening real soon. I'm going to be playing a salesagent of Miibas & Spawn, Purveyor of Fine Potions & Reagents. I have no selling ability in real life. Please help me come up with some fun sales pitches I can use in-character.


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With Miibas & Spawn, You'll Not Go Wrong.

Or the longer version...

Try our potions and our brews,
Reagents, philters, and oils, too.
Trusted crafters, we're Miibas & Spawn,
Guaranteed you'll not go wrong!


Morkus from Orkus
Acne got you down? Troublesome mites in your room? Got an enemy whose ship you need to burn down? We've got the solution(pun intended) for you! Come to Miibas & Spawn. Something for everyone!

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