Here's That Hi-Res Sword Coast Map

WotC hit their $100K Extra Life charity funding goal, and have released the high resolution labeled map of the northwest portion of Faerün, from Amn to Icewind Dale, and the Moonshae Isles to the Dalelands. It's pretty enormous - 10,200 by 6,600 pixels! That's 141 x 91 inches. There's a smaller version of it below, but hit the image to jump to the full size giant version. The map was created by Mike Schley.

Click on this for the enormous hi-res version​

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No he isn't

Really, then I guess this statement on the ExtraLife page doesn't mean anything to you.

We'll have lots of rewards for donorsavailable during the weekend stream.

... and then it is listed as one of the rewards.

I don't know who did or didn't donate. My comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular, but just as a general statement that if you want the reward, you should really donate to the charity. You don't have to, but then you are missing the whole point of the exercise.


Also there are corrections on mikes map that are not in the free one... I think. Like some cities don't have a dot and some are mislabelled.
Yes. As I mentioned in the other thread:

- Marsember is located where Suzail should be. This was corrected for Mike's map.
- Not all of the cities shown on the map have city icons. This was corrected for Mike's map. (Note: it's possible this was a deliberate omission to highlight the Sword Coast locations mentioned in the book.)
- Elversult is spelled correctly. (It is misspelled as "Eversult" on both the cropped version of the map in the book and on Mike's map.)

I'm not aware of any other discrepancies.


Encouraging people to support a charity for sick children?

Yup. Good on them! I agree. Donate to the sick children!

You missed the point, of course donating to sick childern is wonderful, but if you can't afford to its not doing anything wrong by enjoying the picture, if it was meant to be donor exclusive, it would be.

It just references the frame that if you don't donate to charity x your a bad person, which is why many low income folks hate charities for making them feel like a bad people for not being able to afford to donate.

What's really sad is that this charity needs to exist at all, another side effect of America's still disgusting excuse for a healthcare system that hosiptals have to go begging.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
You missed the point,

No, I disagreed with the point. There's a difference. That being that making sneering comments at someone trying to encourage people to donate to sick kids is in any way appropriate.
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