D&D 5E Hexblade advice - Teleporting into Darkness


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What about second feat "heavy weapon mastery"?
Do you mean Great Weapon Master?
If I take that for the second feat, I will miss out on the Eldritch Smite, because I need Relentless Hex, and Sign of Ill Omen, for the "no cost, bonus action" teleport, Devil's Sight for Darkness, and the rest of the Invocation from Pact of the Blade is just must have. This is one of the questions that I'm not sure what would be better.

Anyways thank you guys for the comments, I will think about them, and the other thing, that I left out but it could be intresting.
We rolled for stats, and came up with 18 in CHA+2 from my race, so I have these stats at lvl1:
STR:10 (0) | DEX: 13 (+1) | CON: 12 (+1) | INT: 11 (0) | WIS: 11 (0) | CHA: 20 (+5)
So if I stay with my plan, and take wizard, to prevent the friendly fire from Maddening Darkness, I need to take +2 WIS at lvl4.
And I'm currently using a Longsword+Shield combo with Scale Mail so when I have the shield equipped I have 17 AC.
I want to upgrade to Half Plate Armor (if I'm not mistaken thats the best non magical medium armor), but at lvl 3 I will ditch the Shield for a Glaive or Halberd, so I will have 16 AC.
I wanted to ask you guys what do you suggest for the remaining ASI? I know that I need DEX and CON but which is the more important? I'm read about that I need DEX to a point and the rest to CON, but I'm not sure where I read that and, why is that? Is this only because I can have a +2 AC from DEX to Medium Armors?
So for example this could be good? Or should I take INT or WIS instead of the last point to CON, to have in one of them a +1?
lvl4: STR:10 (0) | DEX: 13 (+1) | CON: 12 (+1) | INT: 13 (+1) | WIS: 11 (0) | CHA: 20 (+5)
lvl8: STR:10 (0) | DEX: 14 (+2) | CON: 13 (+1) | INT: 13 (+1) | WIS: 11 (0) | CHA: 20 (+5)
lvl12: STR:10 (0) | DEX: 14 (+2) | CON: 15 (+2) | INT: 13 (+1) | WIS: 11 (0) | CHA: 20 (+5)
lvl16: STR:10 (0) | DEX: 14 (+2) | CON: 17 (+3) | INT: 13 (+1) | WIS: 11 (0) | CHA: 20 (+5)

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very nice spell. I don't know it o_O . next concentration and it is for disputation if took this or spirit shroud. SoM give me constant advantage on attack and disadvantage to enemies if we are in dim light and when I'm hit it give 2d8... SS give 2d8 when I hit, but nothing to do with my defence. :unsure: hard to tell what is better
Shadow of Moil is on my planned Spell list, Spirit Shroud isn't. Should I replace a lower lvl Spell to SS?


It's a great question - I'm staying before the same one. We are right before the start and have still the option to choose if I will have DEX +2 and Con +3 or vice-versa. DEX will increase your initiative (and you want to start first), and stealth. And Dex +3 and above is stackable with mage armor (and bracelets of defense), dex saves. Bigger CON gives you more HP, con saves.
For you I'm inclined to CON, because you want to be mobile with "mistysteps"

for melee hexblade is SS better than Hex. But if you will concentrate on other spells, you can let it be. But for someone who can hit 3 times, with advantage and with 10% chance to hit a crit,... well...

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