Hollywood's creativity problem and a (ranty) stroll through endless remakes...

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From the documentary "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened" by John Schnepp. I was one of the many backers for the project. It follows the debacle that was supposed to be a Superman film, directed by Tim Burton, starring Nicholas Cage, written by Kevin Smith. John Peters was a producer for the project. Peters is most famous for being a hairdresser and, subsequently, boyfriend of Barbara Streisand. Kevin Smith often talks about his meeting with Peters in which he demanded that the script include a battle between Superman and a giant spider, because spiders are "the fiercest predators in thge insect kingdom." He didn't get his spider in "Superman Lives", so he made sure that he got it in "Wild, Wild West." You can find the full documentary on Youtube and it's fascinating.

(Watch out - NSF Language)

why did he not just seek to make a giant spider monster movie?

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I remember that, but "fantastic" it's not a word I would use to describe any part of Wild Wild West. By my memory, that movie was the one that decided Will Smith wasn't going to be my family's 4th of July tradition anymore.
It's one of the movies that solidified my hate of remakes, of my childhood favourites.

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