D&D 5E Holy crap, I had to share this find...

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It looks like every other bag, not sure why this one is theoretically so much better.

Currently I am using a backpack designed to carry a laptop. Holds a bunch of books and folders, and I can carry it or wear it.
I found a enormous bag made for two laptops at a thrift shop, wonderful thing. I use it for my 4E hackmaster set. It manages to fit 2 PHBs, the DMG, the Hacklopedia set, Gawds and DemiGawds and even the Little Keep on the Boarderlands.


So im following up on this thread. I received my bag and I am really impressed with it. Addressing concerns about the quality of the bag I can say that it looks like it will stand the test of time. It's incredibly well made and sturdy. When I got the bag I was surprised with how small it was. This, to me was a very good thing. I personally like the minimalist approach. The primary compartment is just big enough for 4 books. and the compartment does really seem as if it were made for those D&D books, even if it is a general purpose bag. The smaller front pocket has enough room for index cards (which is what I put in there), as well as some pencils and whatever other writing utensils or a set of dice. The only other pocket is on the inside of the flap of the primary compartment. You can put more dice, or even a few minis.

So the reason the bag was so cheap, I think, is because there are really only 2 compartments. While this doesn't bother me really I can see how some might be turned off by this. All I can say though, is that this does really look like a case for D&D books. I highly recommend it.

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